February 22, 2011

DA Nailpolish Glam & Glitter - #107

Today I have another GORGEOUS polish for you, it's from the DA, a dutch drugstore wich also sells their own nailpolish & make-up. I picked up 1 colour, and if I only knew how pretty it would be, I would have taken soooo much more. Well, here's a little preview...

AAAAAH! Seriously this is one of the most gorgeous nailpolishes I own...
Get ready for a picture overload!

artificial light (looks like it has magnetic stripes? huh? it has no.)


close-up w/ flash


close-up in the sun

close-up in artificial light



this is how the colour looks like in real, but in real it has a bit more silver glitters.

Looks absolutely AMAZING, opaque in only 2 coats and drying time was like heaven (1/2 min.) Do I need to say more? I just love love love it!

xo Elize

February 19, 2011

Bella's Choice - H&M + Polka dots!

Hellooooo, I'm sorry I've been such a bad blogger lately. I post something about nails like... 1/2x a week because I don't change them that often anymore, it just stays on longer. As some of you might know, I really really wanted Bella's Choice from H&M. Sadly, when I spotted it on the internet it wasn't for sale anymore. I looked around and asked everybody but no one really answered lol. Untill one day, a girl mailed me and was like: Hey, I know you've been looking for Bella's Choice I have it up for sale bla bla bla do you want it? Erh, HELL YEAH! And so I did, here it is!

In artificial light, no topcoat.

With flash, no topcoat.

I la la la la looooooove this polish. Application was a bit streaky, because it was such a thick polish. I still love it though. I applied 2 coats and drying time was well, average. Not super fast, but certainly not really slow... After it dried completely I added some polka dots with my Art Deco striper, called Teal Glitter. 

From L to R > GOSH 01 Base/Top coat - Bella's Choice H&M - Art Deco Teal Glitter - Catrice up to 10 days topcoat

In artificial light, no topcoat.

With flash, with topcoat.

With flash, with topcoat.

So, that's it for today I hope you have a great weekend and In my next post I'll show you how I stash my polishes and other stuff. 

xo Elize

February 15, 2011

Now let me introduce to you... Simba!

Hellooooooo, I hope you all had a very nice valentines day. I got nothing but life goes on! So, today I have another picture overload for you, this time of Simba!

(pics made with other camera's)

(pics made with my new camera, I LOVE IT!)

So that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed this little orange kitty :D

xo Elize

February 11, 2011

Catrice Glamourama - C04 Glamourista / Valentines day manicure!

Hi! Yesterday I went shopping here in Zoetermeer, and I went to the Trekpleister where they sell Catrice. The still had the old LE (Glamourama) and I saw Glamourista and it was just a perfect red polish. It was only €1,25! Today I'm going to show this perfect little polish to you! It's a deep jelly red, without any shimmer. 

with flash, it's not that bright in real!

this is how the colour sort of looks like in real. I had to darken it with my computer because my camera just couldn't pick up the right colour. 

Ok so I liked he colour, but I was like hmmm little boring! Since valentines day is monday, I made this little valentine manicure for you! I stamped with the special Essence stampy polish with KONAD plate M65, the rose pattern.

with flash

without flash

Pretty darn cute right? 

Have a great weekend & valentines day!

February 8, 2011

Let me introduce to you... Luna!

Hey y'all! I just wanted to introduce you to my cat, Luna. I'll definetely make another one about Simba too, if you're wondering. But let me just start with Luna and start from the beginning :D (WARNING! Lots and lots of pics)

(all of the pics made with my old camera or others) 

(these pics are with my new cameraaaaa!)

That's it, she's such a cutie and I love her to death. 
i love her i love her i love her i love her!
xo Elize
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