April 6, 2011

Hunt Me Down - H&M

Hey guys! I hope you've been noticing I've been posting more? Personally I feel great about it, just because I made this promise to myself and you, my lovely followers ofcourse!

Today I have a polish from H&M for you, it's called Hunt Me down and it's a camouflage green. I like it, but the application was a bit hard with those annoying caps from the new bottles. Why does the H&M keep changing their bottles?! Also the formula was slightly thick, but the cap was most annoying. On to the pictures!

daylight, no flash.

with flash

most colour accurate! sunlight, no flash. 

Luckily this polish was opaque in only two coats. All pics above are two coats without topcoat (so glossy!).

How do you like it? Yes, or no?

x Elize


  1. Your swatches are excellent and you've made it look flawless, even if the application sucks. Nice job!

  2. aaaaaaah, echt leuk! Die had je vandaag op!

  3. hihi ik vind hem echt heeeel leuk! en het is zo shiney!


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