May 28, 2012

Quick kitty update #1

Hi guuuys! From now on I'll be doing a lot of these kitty updates, and I will also be numbering them! Today the new kittens finally 'moved in' with us and well...they are adorable. Let me show you some pictures I made:



Playing around!

Nawwwwww I melt everytime I see them..

x Elize

May 25, 2012

New camera! + Color Club - Wild At Heart

Aaaaaaaah! I finally bought the Canon 600D wich I have been saving for for a reaaaally long time now! I'm so so so so happy with it. I love it. To test it out I tried on a pretty purple holo, Color Club - Wild At Heart. I used two coats and no topcoat!
sunlight, no flash.

sunlight, with flash.

sunlight, no flash.

shadow, no flash. 

sunlight, no flash.


Just look at those pictures..woah. The polish is really pretty and the formula is great, I don't have a lot to say about it haha :) 

Here are some more pictures I made with my new camera today, please click on the link below to see the original size!

I absolutely adore these pictures, the quality is The last picture is my bestie Alisja working her modelling skills hahaha ♥ 

Sooooo monday we're getting the new kittens, omg! I'll do an update as soon as I can on monday and if you follow me on twitter (@purrrpolish) you might get some sneak peeks! 

x Elize

May 20, 2012

Piñata Pink - a purrrpolish franken

Hello everyooone! Today the weather has been amazing, the sun has been shining like crazy and it's really warm outside. Padapapapa...I'm loving it. To celeberate I decided to make a new franken, and because it has been a while since my last one. I can't really remember what colours I used but I know it was a lot of dark red, pink and white. I applied it to all my nails accept one accent nail and on that one I applied 3 coats of Catrice - Bye, Bye Birdy!

in normal light, no flash.

in sunlight, no flash. 

two kittypics! 

Doesn't this just look really fun and summery? My franken actually dried up matte for some reason, but I applied some topcoat so it would match the shinyness of Bye, Bye Birdy! Drying time was ok I guess but that could also be because of the topcoat...

Only one more week until we can pick up the kittens to live with us, aaaah!

x Elize

May 15, 2012

Kitty update :D

Aaaaaaaaaah omg we just got back from visiting our new kittens and well I'm going to stop talking now and just show you the pictures. Let me introduce you to...Mila!

Isn't she the cutest? Now, let me introduce you to...Sem!

He is one adorable, curious little thing. You might notice Mila has sad eyes, but trust me, she is not sad at all! And Sem is just so funny, he is quite clumsy but that makes him really cute. 

Only two more weeks until they come home with us, aaaah :D

x Elize

May 13, 2012

Superstar - SoHo Chic

Hellooo! Again, I'm really sorry for not posting this week.. It used to be so easy to make blogposts but I've actually pretty much swatched all of the polishes I have now and I find it harder and harder to make good posts for you, all my freaking' 233 amazing followers! I think I'm just going to go from 2 posts a week to 1 post a week because of that reason.. I feel really, really bad about it but there's just nothing I can do about it :( I've been so busy witch school and work and all that stuff that I just don't have time to do my nails and make pictures, and when I do have time it takes me ages to find a polish or a combination I can make... So, I'm going to do my best to keep posting, and maybe some weeks I will have 2 posts for you and I am definitely going to try to just post those 2, but for now it'll be just one and maybe some kitty-updates... (I have some kittynews for you at the end of this post!)

Today I'm going to show you a polish that I won in a giveaway by Lucy and I have actually used this polish before, but as a stamping polish in this post. Now I just applied 2 coats and no topcoat. SoHo Chic is a light pink metallic foil. Purrrretty!


in sunlight, no flash.

yaaaaaawn - kittypic!

As you can see, a very pretty, shimmery pink foil. I really like foils, and especially this one. It looks bad-ass and elegant at the same time, depending on what you wear with it! 
On to the kitty-news! We have finally decided on what the names for our new kitties (click!) will be. But....I'm not going to tell you until we have new pictures. And yes, those pictures will be on my blog soon since we're visiting them this Tuesday :D

x Elize

May 6, 2012

Teeez! - Cool

Hey guys! I'm really sorry for the lack of posting, I've just been really busy with having fun this vacation haha.. Too bad today is the last day :( Anyway, because the sun is shining again and you deserve a very pretty polish, I decided to wear a holographic polish...
sunlight, no flash.

sunlight, no flash.

normal daylight, no flash.


First I applied 1 coat of my all time favourite black MAX - Black and after that had dried 2 coats of Teeez! - Cool. I absolutely adore this colour. I hope the sun keeps shining so this polish gets the attention it deserves :D

x Elize

May 1, 2012

Another kitty update!

Helloooooo everyone omg exciting news! We are getting TWO new kittens and saw them today, aaaaah :D

"oh my gawd! I haz a leg!"

"oh hai der! I iz adowable!"

"chillllllll, I got this."

in my sisters hands

the two cuties together. 

Aren't they just adoooooorable? The beige one will be my sister's and the brown one mine. I'm sorry about the crappy pics, they just kept moving around! I really hope everything goes well when they are ready to come home with us because I really don't know how Luna is going to react to these kitties. Any experiences? And how should we call these little babies?

x Elize

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