February 23, 2012

Essence - Better Late Than Never (+ Essence haul!)

Hey guys! Tomorrow I'm leaving (yep, again, sorry D:) to Switzerland to go skiing (I'm not sure if you say it that way but ok..) and I'll be gone for a week so no blogposts next week, sorry!
Tuesday I discocered my local Kruidvat had one part of the new Essence nailpolishes and today I'm going to show you Better Late Than Never, a bright coral red. I used two coats and 1 layer of topcoat :)
normal light, with flash.

in daylight, no flash. I had to adjust the contrast because it looked really orange on my pictures...


I love the shade of BLTN, reminds me of Catrice - MMACI (I might do a comparison one day!). Drying time was amazing, it only took like 5 minutes for each layer to dry and it dried smooth and pretty. 
Here are the other stuff I bought (and I think I'll buy even more soon haha)

Nude Glam - Hazelnut Cream Pie

Colour & Go - Rich & Pretty (not sure if this is new though, maybe it was re-released?)

left: a walk in the park & stop for an ice cream. right: midnight date & city that never sleeps.

How cute are those names? ADORABLE ♥ I'm looking forward to try the combo-polishes and ofcourse the other ones as well haha...

So, I will see you sunday next week and ofcourse I'll make loads of pictures as usual! 

x Elize

February 19, 2012

Golden Rose Scale #06 over Essence - Bella

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting in a while but I have had a busy week so I didn't get the chance to write a blogpost but I did paint them.. Yesterday I had a party to celebrate Lisa's 16th birthday (wich is today!) and I had loads of fun (happy birthday sweetie, thanks for inviting me :D). I wore a turquoise blouse and I wanted something on my nails to match them. I applied two layers of Essence - Bella, 1 of Golden Rose Scale Effect #06 and 1 layer of Essence matt topcoat. Let's look at the final result first!

So, I think it is very very veeeeeeery purretty but I don't really get why there are 3 copper flakies on my ringfinger? It's so strange, they don't colour-shift or anything they're just plain copper. Oh well, still pretty!
Here's a picture of Bella:

normal light, 2 coats, no flash.

So then I applied 1 layer of  #06 and here's a picture of it before I mattified it:
normal light, no flash.

And ofcourse then I applied the matt topcoat and here's a little other picture of that:
the kittypic ofcourse!

In bright lights the flakies turn all pink and invisible so I like it better in darker lights where all the flakies turn green, blue and prettyyyyyyyy...

So, that was it for today, I hope you like the mani and be sure to check out Lisa's blog though she's not posting very often haha love you though cutie :D♥

x Elize

PS. I got a question in my last blogpost from Jossy and she asked what is my favourite nailpolish of all time and if I'm going to do the nailpolish obsession tag.
Well, my favourite nailpolish of all time is still China Glaze - For Audrey. I adore the colour, the formula, everything about it actually! And erhm sure, I could do the nailpolish obsession tag! Are there more people who want to see me do this? Let me know in the comments and maybe I'll just do it!

February 14, 2012

Fuchsia and Endurance

Happy valentines daaaaay! My valentines day was rather boring, I didn't get anything and nothing really happened as usual. For my mani I used two polishes I got from Lucy and layered them. For the base I used Barry M - Fuchsia and it took me two coats to get it opaque:

daylight, no flash.

normal light, with flash.

In the first picture it looks at lot like a cotton-candy-pink but it's a bit more purple in real. After this, I applied 2 coats of China Glaze - Endurance, a sheer pink-glass-fleck-shimmer. 

daylight, no flash.

close-up in daylight, no flash. GLASS FLECKS!


Unfortunately this took ages to dry and before it could dry completely I messed it up by going to work. Yeah, sucks.. Anyway, back to when it still looked pretty. I like the glass flecks and the combination of these two, but I guess I'm just not a pink-girly-girl. I can't get used to it, it's so not me, you know?

So, did you get anything voor valentines day?

x Elize

February 9, 2012

Nail Colour Marionnaud - Stone Grey

My mom and sister got this nailpolish for me when they went to an international gymnastics competition in the Czech Republic (?) and it's from a brand named Marionnaud. I used two coats for this blue/purple/grey polish. It's a true blurpley. Hihi! Allright, let's look at the pictures :D
daylight, no flash.

normal light, with flash. 


I think the first picture is the most colour accurate, and most of the time this polish looks blue but when it gets a bit darker it turns into a dark grey with a purple undertone. I like it! It's quite neutral and it matches my clothes today haha :) Btw, do you remember the picture I showed you last post, with the fresh snow? Here's what it looks like now..

All those kittyfootsteps, wow! Haha our garden is very popular for all the cats in our neighbourhood. You know, just to hang out and stuff. Lol. I mean, they even walk across the trampoline? Weird kitties. 
I have some other news to share with you guys, I won a giveaway! DeltaCephei had her amazing DC's Dazzling Days again and I won a LUSH snowfairy lip tint. I'm very happy and I can't wait to get it and try it. Thanks Suzanne! Be sure to check out her blog on http://deltacephei.nl/ 
x Elize

February 4, 2012

KOH - Metallic Green

Another holo, yes yes! I borrowed this from cutie Charlotte a very very long time ago, and finally got a chance to wear it, yay :D This polish is so pretty, look at this:

sunlight, no flash.

close-up, in sunlight.

normal light, with flash.

in normal light, no flash. it still shows a little holo!


Pretty awesome right? The application was AWFULL though, I had to re-apply the polish on my middlefingernail 3 (!!!!!) times. Drying time was pretty annoying as well and it never dried smooth. I used 1 coat of GOSH - Fix Basecoat, 2 layers of Metallic Green and 1 thick coat of topcoat. So, it wasn't too much fun to apply this, but it's soooo prettyyyyyyyyy!

Some other news..it has been snowing like crazy here in Holland for the last two days! Here's a picture I took this morning:

x Elize

February 1, 2012

Franken on a wednesday - the perfect nude

I think every girl needs her perfect nude nailpolish, and...I got it! Well, I had to mix some polishes together for it but it turned out great! I bought "Nude" from the Action (a store who I think all of my dutch readers know) but it was way too orange and sheer for me. I poured some nailpolish out of the bottle and added some Essence white stampy polish, loads of normal white polish, 3 drops of Catrice - Moulin Rouge Light and 1 drop of Superstar - Skinny Vanilla Latte. Tadaaa!

normal light, no flash.

daylight, no flash. most colour-accurate pic, I think...

outside, no flash. very cold though!


I think nudes are elegant and sophisticated, and I simply adore this one! It's still quite on the pink side, but it's less pink than Moulin Rouge Light. Drying time was awfull though, this is two coats and it took me soooo long to get this dry.

Anyway, can you guys help me think of a name for this little franken?

x Elize
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