February 19, 2012

Golden Rose Scale #06 over Essence - Bella

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting in a while but I have had a busy week so I didn't get the chance to write a blogpost but I did paint them.. Yesterday I had a party to celebrate Lisa's 16th birthday (wich is today!) and I had loads of fun (happy birthday sweetie, thanks for inviting me :D). I wore a turquoise blouse and I wanted something on my nails to match them. I applied two layers of Essence - Bella, 1 of Golden Rose Scale Effect #06 and 1 layer of Essence matt topcoat. Let's look at the final result first!

So, I think it is very very veeeeeeery purretty but I don't really get why there are 3 copper flakies on my ringfinger? It's so strange, they don't colour-shift or anything they're just plain copper. Oh well, still pretty!
Here's a picture of Bella:

normal light, 2 coats, no flash.

So then I applied 1 layer of  #06 and here's a picture of it before I mattified it:
normal light, no flash.

And ofcourse then I applied the matt topcoat and here's a little other picture of that:
the kittypic ofcourse!

In bright lights the flakies turn all pink and invisible so I like it better in darker lights where all the flakies turn green, blue and prettyyyyyyyy...

So, that was it for today, I hope you like the mani and be sure to check out Lisa's blog though she's not posting very often haha love you though cutie :D♥

x Elize

PS. I got a question in my last blogpost from Jossy and she asked what is my favourite nailpolish of all time and if I'm going to do the nailpolish obsession tag.
Well, my favourite nailpolish of all time is still China Glaze - For Audrey. I adore the colour, the formula, everything about it actually! And erhm sure, I could do the nailpolish obsession tag! Are there more people who want to see me do this? Let me know in the comments and maybe I'll just do it!


  1. This is a really pretty combo! I love how the flakies look over Bella :)

  2. Heel erg mooi! Ik hou enorm van dit soort tinten & flakies <3

  3. I just discovered your blog within my comments so i'm stopping by to say hi and also tell you I love your nails ! And i'm in love with your kitty too <3
    Please cuddle her for me ^^


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