November 30, 2011

WARNING: Loads of kittypics ahead!

Since I saw a lot of people really love the kittypics in my posts, and I made a lot of kittypics lately, I decided to dedicate this post completely to my kitties! They're brother and sister, and they keep surprising me with everything they do, they're so different but actually exactly the same. Just look at these pictures!

For those of you who didn't know, this is Luna, the cutest and purrrettiest cat in the whole wide world ♥ Luna is actually my cat, and Simba is Sarah's, my sister.

So this is Simba, also a very cute kitty but he doesn't really love me haha. He only loves me when I give him food :(

sleepypics <3

Here's Luna, in a playfull mood haha...

This picture of Simba was taken today, look at that little bad-ass scratch on his nose. LOL.

Ok, so you're going to love the next ones. Yawning kitteeeeeehs!

lickypics haha!

Do you own any cats? Let me know their names! ♥

x Elize

November 28, 2011

My top 10 nailpolishes (so far!)

My nails are already growing a bit, but I still don't think they're long enough for manis, sorry! Today I'd like to show you my top 10 nailpolishes so far, because I know when I'll finally have the money to buy all the polishes on my wishlist, it'll definitely change, lol!

Let's start with #10 :D

Color Club - Untamed Luxury

You can find a swatch of this pretty glitter here.

bottle close-up!

Next, #9.

Cosmetica Fanatica - ?
Click for a swatch.

Let's welcome.. #8

Essence - Blue Addicted, click! This is not only a very pretty polish, it is also my most-viewed blogpost :D

Moving on to #7...

Catrice - Meet Me At Coral Island. Pretty weird to see this one in this big line of blues huh? I don't know why.. I just really like it! Click.

Getting closer to #1, here is #6!

Essence - Glisten Up! This is the first flakie polish I own. I adore it. Here's a swatch!

Numberrrrrrrr 5!

Teeez! - Cool
Yay, the first holographic in this line! I made swatches of this a long time ago, but they're too embarrassing to show you haha. I'll make some pretty pictures of this as soon as my nails grow!

holooooo ♥.♥

Next is #4

China Glaze - Crushed Candy. Ofcourse this one belongs in my top 10! I loved it in combo with Color Club - Untamed Luxury, check it out here.

We're finally at the top 3 now!
#3 is...

Catrice - Moulin Rouge Light. Did anyone expect this? A pink(ish) colour in my top 3? I didn't think so haha, but this nude is so gorgeous, I've worn it loads of times because it makes my nails look so chique! Here are some pictures.

Number 2!

GOSH - Holographic, ofcourse :D This is the stronges and prettiest holographic I own, just look at it!

picture made in artificial light, it's silver holographic irl.

Now, I have a little challenge for you, to see if you really know me. Guess wich nailpolish is my absolute #1, and if you have it right, post it in the comments! 
Are you ready? Here we go..

China Glaze - For Audrey
How could it not be this one? I mean, this polish is perfect!

So, that was it... Did you guess my number 1 right? :D

x Elize

PS. I got invited for a job interview for tommorow, yay! I hope everything will go allright haha..

November 26, 2011

Post your blog in the comments!

Hi! As a blogger, I love reading other blogs. But I think I haven't seen all of my followers their blogs, so I would love for you to post them in the comments and I'll be sure to check them out! 

Here are some blogs I've recently found out about, some small some already a bit bigger! 

So, post your blog in a comment and I'll check it out :D

x Elize

November 24, 2011

My nail-related-birthday-wishlist!

Ok, so since my nails are (what I think) too short for pretty swatches right now I decided to post a little something else. Today I have my wishlist for you! If you don't like this stuff, you don't have to read it, but I always love wishlists, just to find out about new brands and products :D

Let's start with..polishes! The polishes I want VERY BADLY, are the Hungerglaze polishes from China Glaze. I"m a HUUUUGE fan of the Hungergames books, and the colours are so FRICKIN amazing, let me show you!


Did you know I'm actually going to find a job just so I can buy this entire collection? LOL..

Ok, on to the next polishes!

I would love to have Color Club - Revvvolution and Color Club - Wild At Heart. Since I tried out my first CC (Untamed Luxury) I want moreeee.. And of course, both holos :D

Next, 3 Nfu Ohs. I don't own any Nfu Oh polishes so far, but I love the bottledesign and I can't WAIT to try them!

Left to right: #52, #54 and #65

All blue, and all special. That's how I like my polishes :D

Next up, 3 random polishes, not all from the same brand. 

Left to right: OPI - Ski Teal We Drop, Golden Rose scale effect #06 and Herôme - Kingston

Let's continue with..stamping stuff!

Here are 3 KONAD-plates I'm dying to try:

Left to right: M56, M57 and M79.

And here are 3 Dashica-plates (you can order these on, go check it out!)

Left to right: #8, #17 and #16

Cute right? 

I also want some transparent nail wheels (I'll order those on eBay) and a doublesided stamp from KONAD. 
Ofcourse, I have a lot more on my wishlist, but these are just the things I'd like to buy for my birthday..
My birthday is so close :D I can't wait! On the 27th of december I'll finally turn 15, aaaaah. I'm going to give a big party with my friend Sophia and hope I'll get loads of money to buy all these goodies haha :D

Name the 3 polishes you want the most in the comments!

x Elize

PS. Should I keep the font this big, or make it small again?

November 22, 2011

Guess what. My nails broke.

I'm so sad right now. My nails were so long and so strong, but they were "too strong" and broke. Well actually, only my middlefingernail broke but I had to cut them all down. All the way down. Is it weird that I feel so bad about this? Like, extremely bad and really sad..? I should see this in a positive way, like ehm... Wait! Maybe te yellow glow will grow out of my nails by leaving them non-polished for a week or two?

I'm not even going to show you a picture, but I'm just going to start treating my nails like they're my babies... Expect some non-so-nail-related posts this week, and if all the treatment is not working that fast, the week after that too :(

I'm going to start posting nail swatches as soon as my nails look better, I promise!

x Elize

November 19, 2011

Chic Vanilla Latte

Today I have a pink-ish mani for you, created with 2 polishes I got from Lucy from an unknown brand (for me) named Superstar. The polishes I used are Skinny Vanilla Latte, a nude/pink/brownish creme and SoHo Chic, a light pink foil. 

Sorry for the not-so-sharp picture :c

Here's how I accomplished this mani :D
I used 2 coats of Skinny Vanilla Latte for complete coverage...

daylight, no flash.

kittypic! (with flash)

Then I used Konad M65 and the Superstar - SoHo Chic to stanp on the rose pattern.

normal light, no flash. 

The combo looks not so matchy in the picture above, but the foil is much more pink irl!


You know I'm not a fan of pink, but I think this mani is elegant and cute,

What do you think?

x Elize

November 16, 2011

Crushed Luxury

Hello lovely ladies, before I start talking about my nails, I would love for you all to take the time to vote for Lucy in the glossybox contest! Just click this link: and "Like" the picture on facebook :D Lucy, I really hope you win this contest, yours is BY FAR the best!

Now, on to my nails of the week! In the package I received from Lucy I found Color Club - Untamed Luxury, a green/tealish glitter. Then, on friday, my order from nailpolishfashion arrived! I ordered China Glaze - Crushed Candy (wich is kind of the crackle version of my favourite nailpolish ever, For Audrey!) and decided to combine these two. The result? Crushed Luxury...

normal light, no flash. PLEASE, don't look at my dry, ugly hands :o

I ♥ this! First I applied 1 layer of Untamed Luxury over my favourite black of all time, MAX black...

normal light, with flash.

artificial light, no flash. I made this picture to show you how the colour pretty much looks in just normal daylight!


Before I could apply Crushed Candy I had to apply 2 layers of topcoat to make this finish less gritty lol.. But, after that completely dried, I finally applied Crushed Candy :D

artificial light, no flash.

close-up of my middle finger, normal light and no flash. (such a high ISO, sorry about that..) 


Yes. I adore this. 

Do you like this layering combo?

x Elize

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