November 28, 2011

My top 10 nailpolishes (so far!)

My nails are already growing a bit, but I still don't think they're long enough for manis, sorry! Today I'd like to show you my top 10 nailpolishes so far, because I know when I'll finally have the money to buy all the polishes on my wishlist, it'll definitely change, lol!

Let's start with #10 :D

Color Club - Untamed Luxury

You can find a swatch of this pretty glitter here.

bottle close-up!

Next, #9.

Cosmetica Fanatica - ?
Click for a swatch.

Let's welcome.. #8

Essence - Blue Addicted, click! This is not only a very pretty polish, it is also my most-viewed blogpost :D

Moving on to #7...

Catrice - Meet Me At Coral Island. Pretty weird to see this one in this big line of blues huh? I don't know why.. I just really like it! Click.

Getting closer to #1, here is #6!

Essence - Glisten Up! This is the first flakie polish I own. I adore it. Here's a swatch!

Numberrrrrrrr 5!

Teeez! - Cool
Yay, the first holographic in this line! I made swatches of this a long time ago, but they're too embarrassing to show you haha. I'll make some pretty pictures of this as soon as my nails grow!

holooooo ♥.♥

Next is #4

China Glaze - Crushed Candy. Ofcourse this one belongs in my top 10! I loved it in combo with Color Club - Untamed Luxury, check it out here.

We're finally at the top 3 now!
#3 is...

Catrice - Moulin Rouge Light. Did anyone expect this? A pink(ish) colour in my top 3? I didn't think so haha, but this nude is so gorgeous, I've worn it loads of times because it makes my nails look so chique! Here are some pictures.

Number 2!

GOSH - Holographic, ofcourse :D This is the stronges and prettiest holographic I own, just look at it!

picture made in artificial light, it's silver holographic irl.

Now, I have a little challenge for you, to see if you really know me. Guess wich nailpolish is my absolute #1, and if you have it right, post it in the comments! 
Are you ready? Here we go..

China Glaze - For Audrey
How could it not be this one? I mean, this polish is perfect!

So, that was it... Did you guess my number 1 right? :D

x Elize

PS. I got invited for a job interview for tommorow, yay! I hope everything will go allright haha..


  1. oeh ik vind die flaky-lak van essence zó leuk! :)

  2. succes morgen bij je sollicitatiegesprek! Ik hoop dat je wordt aangenomen!

    en volgens mij hou je veel van blauw/groen kleurige lakjes he? Of lijkt dat nu net toevallig zo?

    hihihi, mooi hoor!


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