July 1, 2011

Catrice - Meet Me At Coral Island

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I've been really busy with helping my sister with her musical, and ofcourse Cindy and Puck. Cindy and Puck are two little pups, and because our friends (their owners) are on vacation, we are watching them for two weeks. I'll post some pictures the end of this post!

Now, on to the polish. Because of the lovely warm weather here, I kinda wanted to try something different. I don't wear a lot of red and pink, as you might know, but today I saw Meet Me At Coral Island in my stash and well, does anyone want to see some pictures? Allrighty then!

in normal light, no flash. 3 coats!

in sun, no flash.

in indirect sunlight, no flash. most colour accurate!

Allright, I admit. I kinda like these colours. Allright allright I'll say it. I LOVE THEM! Wish I had more haha, definitely going to buy more... Any suggestions? 

As I promised, some pictures of Cindy and Puck!
lol, fighting puppies <3



The cats are freakin' out, so we give them loads of attention and I hope they'll get used to the idea of the dogs... 

Do you have any suggestions for another great coral nail polish? What do you think? 

x Elize


  1. Great color! Do you think that your Sally Hansen actually works? :)

  2. @Irena B: I've been using it as a basecoat since I ended the cure, and my nails are stronger than ever! :D

    @Sophie thanks ♥

    @red nailed lifestyle ja, deze is nog steeds te koop! ik weet niet of Catrice, zoals ze met vele andere hebben gedaan, de formule heeft veranderd maar ik hoop het niet :(

  3. ja ik zag het vandaag hihi! als ik weer geld heb ga ik 'm halen ♥ hebben ze dat serieus gedaan? wist ik niet!


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