July 7, 2011


Ola! I'm so glad I'm finally free from school I planned all these things and didn't really think about a new blogpost. Untill I saw the cutest mini-polish sets at H&M called "SUMMER NAILS". They come in 4 and they're soooo adorable! Today I wanted to show you MINT GREEN.
normal light, with flash.

in sunlight, no flash.

in normal light, no flash.

It needed 3 coats to be fully opaque but you could still see some "stripes" from applying so I applied one layer of topcoat before I took these pictures. But hey, what did I expect? It's a mini polish for only €0,99 lol! I hope this mini doesn't get any thicker, because that always happens to my H&M polishes...
I got 5 more of these minis so you'll see them soon as well! 

x Elize

PS. o-m-g I have 99 followers right now, I'm so happy I'm this close to 100! I really want to host a giveaway when I reach 100, but the shipping costs are extremely high to other countries. How do you girls pay all that..? I'm going to think about it and tips are VERY welcome. LOL I'm such a newbie when it comes to this..


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