December 30, 2012

Amethyst Fiji

Well hello there! I am in a very good mood becauuuuuuse it was my birthday the 27th, and I'm finally 16 now :D Yaaaaaaaay! On to the nail-related-part of this post. For my New Year's nails I used two layers of Essie - Fiji and after that dried I applied some Barry M - Amethyst glitter gradient on my accent nail :)


I am absolutely in loooove with this mani, it's so cute and the glitters reminds me of fireworks.. Fiji is a very pale pink that tends to look kind of white sometimes. I really like the way these polishes look together and I think I might apply the glitter to all of my nails. Should I? Leave me your thoughts in the comments!

x Elize

December 26, 2012

Merry christmas! My christmas nails: ANNY - Art of Pearls

Merry christmaaaaaaaaaas! I hope everyone is enjoying their christmas days and spending it with the people they love. For my christmas nails I used the ANNY - Art of Pearls set. It has 3 bottles: a black basecoat, the pearls and topcoat, an easy little guide that shows you how to apply the pearls/caviar/little thingies and a paper little bowl. First you have to apply two layers of the black basecoat, then hold the nail you want the pearls on over the little bowl and then apply the pearls. When you're finished you can easily put the leftover pearls back in the bottle by folding the little bowl. Sounds really strange I know, but it's really easy :) Picturesss :D

the little set



I really like the look of this! I made these pictures without any topcoat but I applied topcoat after taking the pictures. It still feels a little strange and gritty, but better than without the topcoat haha... I hope you like these pictures and enjoy the rest of your christmas :D

x Elize

December 13, 2012

Essie - Leading Lady

December, yaaaaay! My favourite month. Christmas, my birthday, the new year, yes please! I just love the entire month. You know, all the christmas lights, food, happiness...(almost) everyone is kind to eachother. Definitely my favourite month. Now, the nailpolish. As soon as I applied it it became one of my most beloved  nailpolishes. Christmas on your nails. Essie - Leading Lady!

all of the above pictures were taken in daylight without flash.




Isn't it gorgeous? I think it's absolutely amazing. For these pictures I first used a base coat, 1 coat of Catrice - Caught On The Red Carpet, 2 coats of Essie Leading Lady and 1 layer of topcoat. I know that sounds like a lot of time but I think this actually took me only about 20 minutes and the 
If you're still looking for that perfect Christmas nailpolish, go get this one! 

x Elize

December 9, 2012

Nail mail :D + Kitty Update #11

Helloooooo! Tuesday I ordered two polishes from TheMakeUpSpot, a dutch website that sells nailpolish unavailable in dutch stores like Barry M, Kleancolor and Wet 'n Wild. Aaaand I got them this Thursday and now decided to share them with you.

Just look at the packaging...amazing. 

That's right, Barry M - Amethyst. SOOOO PRETTYYYYYYYY!

This one has been on my wishlist for so long but I could never get it because no dutch webshop would sell these. Finally, I own Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Purple!

You'll be seeing swatches/layering combos with these babies very, very soon :D

On to the kitty update, wich I haven't done in a while... They are doing really good and I think Luna is starting to like them. Sem likes to annoy Luna some times but I think that's good haha it makes Luna get off her fat butt and play with him a little bit. Mila is doing amazing too, they are all so cuddly and sweet and I love them so much. Pictures!
naughty Sem

pretty Mila 

lazy Luna

Have a great weekend :)
x Elize

December 2, 2012

Flake It Moulin Rouge!

Helloooo! I actually was going to do a nailpost earlier this week but I've been so sick and I just couldn't do anything... But, I'm feeling a tiny bit better so I decided to just do this quick little post. I applied 2 coats of one of my favourite nudes, Catrice - Moulin Rouge Light, and then applied 2 layers of Catrice - Shake It! Flake It! Tadaaaaaa.....Flake It Moulin Rouge!
daylight, no flash.


Here are some close-upsssss:

Ooooooh colour-shifting :D

I really like this combo! Application and everything was great, but I think that is mostly because I applied some fast drying topcoat haha. Oh by the way, if anyone of you needs a good, budget topcoat: Essence Studio Nails Ultra Gloss Nail Shine really does the trick! I would write some more but I'm just not feeling very well sorry guys :( 

x Elize

November 23, 2012

NYC - Revolving Red

Helloooo my gorgeous followers! Today I have a very pretty polish for you guys, Revolving Red from New York Colours (NYC). It's a true burgundy red that's opaque in just 2 coats. For these pictures I used 2 coats of Revolving Red and 1 layer of topcoat.
normal light, no flash (but slightly lighter than the colour in real).

getting closer to the actual colour!


Then I went outside to take some more pictures :D


The pictures I took outside really show the accurate colour of this gorgeous polish! The application was great, I really like the NYC brushes :D This really is a perfect polish for fall and winter. I love it, and I hope you guys do too :)

x Elize

November 12, 2012

Still alive! Random little post + Kitty Update #10

Wow....I'm sorry I haven't posted in such a long time but I have been so extremely busy with school and friends and musical-thingies! Anyway, I'm not going to dedicate an entire post to apologizing and explaining why, but I'm just going to do a little post with some recent swatches and a short kitty update. Let's begin :)
GOSH - Lambada. 3 coats, no topcoat. 


Catrice - No Snow Patrol & Mila-kittypic!

Essence Breaking Dawn Part II - Jacob's Protection


cheeky little stash-pic!

I haven't really been wearing loads of different nailpolishes lately (simply because I didn't really have a lot of time) but these are the ones I did wear and made pictures of. On to the kitty update :D

The kittycats are doing great. They've gotten really big! But not yet as big as Luna ofcourse haha... Here are some pictures!
Mila ♥

Sem :D

Luna <3

I love this picture, lol. 

Luna is getting along a lot better with the kitties. Sem is always testing his boundaries and playing with Luna. Mila usually just avoids her but is definitely not afraid of her...whenever Luna tries to eat her food she just pushes her away and protects her food. 

I'm really going to try to post something every week again but I'm not promising anything. Have a great week!

x Elize
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