November 12, 2012

Still alive! Random little post + Kitty Update #10

Wow....I'm sorry I haven't posted in such a long time but I have been so extremely busy with school and friends and musical-thingies! Anyway, I'm not going to dedicate an entire post to apologizing and explaining why, but I'm just going to do a little post with some recent swatches and a short kitty update. Let's begin :)
GOSH - Lambada. 3 coats, no topcoat. 


Catrice - No Snow Patrol & Mila-kittypic!

Essence Breaking Dawn Part II - Jacob's Protection


cheeky little stash-pic!

I haven't really been wearing loads of different nailpolishes lately (simply because I didn't really have a lot of time) but these are the ones I did wear and made pictures of. On to the kitty update :D

The kittycats are doing great. They've gotten really big! But not yet as big as Luna ofcourse haha... Here are some pictures!
Mila ♥

Sem :D

Luna <3

I love this picture, lol. 

Luna is getting along a lot better with the kitties. Sem is always testing his boundaries and playing with Luna. Mila usually just avoids her but is definitely not afraid of her...whenever Luna tries to eat her food she just pushes her away and protects her food. 

I'm really going to try to post something every week again but I'm not promising anything. Have a great week!

x Elize


  1. Kitties are gorgeous as always! Your storage has literally just blown my mind... it is my dream to have racks/shelves for all my nail polish - WOW! x

  2. Ah love it! xo

  3. Mooie lakjes en natuurlijk prachtige katjes! ^^

  4. you should totally make a tuturial ore a nailpolishstash kinda video! xoxo

  5. Aahw, too cute! En ik vind de nagels heel erg mooi. xoxo

  6. Hey,
    Your cats are so adorable! Gahhh.
    I love all the nail polish colors and I think you painted so neat and tidy
    (I couldn't do that in a million years) and I love your blog.
    Just a blog about nail polish, that is what I needed haha :)
    Have a lovely week!
    Love & Inspire,

    P.S: I never know if you can click on my name to go to my blog or not... So, just if you want to visit: here is the link!

  7. what would you think about making a stash post?

  8. Wauuw, ik ben nu al jaloers op je stash, ook al is dit waarschijnlijk maar een klein deel.

    Ik vind No Snow Patrol zo mooi!

  9. it's SO GOOD to have you back!i've utterly missed reading your posts! and the kitties look adoooorable as allways!


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