October 18, 2012

Top 5 Fall Favorite Nailpolishes!

Hello everyooone! I actually planned on doing an actual nailpost today but because of my work all my nails broke and they're really short at the moment :( So I figured I'd do a little Fall Favorites nailpolish edition for you guys! Let's go :)

Let's start off with number 5, Herôme - Kingston.
Kingston is a goldenbeige/champagne holographic polish that matches all of the fall 2012 fashion! Pictures HERE

Next up, number 4, Catrice - Caught On The Red Carpet.
COTRC is a dark jelly red, suitable for honestly any season of the year and I really like it (that's also why half of my bottle is empty). Pictures HERE

Number 3, Essence - Walk On The Wild Side.
WOTWS is a dark green polish with tiny little green shimmers. Very pretty! I actually haven't had the chance to swatch this yet, but I'm excited about trying this one out :D

Almost there! Number 2, China Glaze - Smoke And Ashes
Smoke And Ashes is a GORGEOUS polish from the CG Hungergames collection and I absolutely adore this polish! It looks like a starry night in summer. A black base with duochrome little shimmers shifting from blue to turquoise to green. Amazing. Pictures HERE

Number 1...drumroll, please...China Glaze - Purr-fect Plum!
I do not only like Purr-fect Plum because of its purr-fect name, but also very very much because of the purr-fect colour! This colour screams fall 2012 to me. Walk around my school for just 10 minutes and you will see this colour in sooo many outfits, it's crazy. This wine-purple coloured polish should be in everyone's stash this fall! Purr-fect Plum is from the CG On Safari collection :) Pictures HERE

While I was making these pictures Luna decided to join me, here are some pictures :D

she looks so mad, lol!

pawsy pic <3

That was it, ofcourse I have many many many more fall favorites but I just wanted to show you these five. Tell me, do you like these kind of posts? What would you like to see on my blog? Let me know in the comments :) 

x Elize


  1. Mooie kleurtjes, en heel mooie poes ^^

  2. It's interesting to see your favorites!
    Catrice is awesome, I need to check it out sometime:)

  3. Awesome favs! I should pic some of these up! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey! Super leuke blog, ik volg je op bloglovin! Neem je ook een kijkje bij mij?



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