October 9, 2012

Alpha Better Hologram

A big welcome to all of my new followers that found me through girlscene or my giveaway, thanks for following me! Today I have a very pretty layering mani for you guys. I showed you this polish a little while ago and since everyone really liked it I decided to swatch my other Shaka polish (Hologram Nude) as well. Because these holos are not very opaque I decided to layer it over two coats of Essence - Alpha Better Gamma (wich i'll show in the end of this post). Here's the final look!

sunlight, no flash. 

in shade, no flash.

more sunlight, yay! no flash.

sunlight, with flash. 

a bit blurry (sparkles!), no flash. 


I love holographics. This is just a perfect pretty pinky polish. In normal light only a little bit of the holographic rainbow is visible, but in sunlight...wow! Such a pretty effect. 
So what I did was apply two layers of Shaka - Hologram Nude over two layers of Essence - Alpha Better Gamma from the Class of 2013 LE. Here's a picture of that one on it's own:
daylight, no flash.

another Sem-kittypic!

ABG is a very cute salmony pink, really girly! When I saw this one at the store I immediately knew I wanted it because I don't have any polishes like this one and erhm well I'm an addict..woops. Anyways, I really like the colour of this polish because it's just sooo cuuuute :D

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x Elize


  1. I don't really love holo's but I love the essence polish! Love your cute kitten<3

  2. suuuuuuuuuuuper leuke site!!!!!!

  3. the combo makes such a gorgeous color!

    Roxy :)


  4. Stunning holo! I only own one (silver from Koh) and I so have to fix that! Thank you for sharing :)

  5. I love holo polishes so much! I only have one (Holographic Hero from Gosh). But I love it so muc, that's I don;t wanna use it too much xD It was a little bit expensive for me :P Also love the Essence polish, wanted to buy it but I doubted xD

  6. wauw, mooie lakjes! Ook erg mooie foto's! en wat heb jij mooie nagels zeg!



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