June 24, 2011

GOSH 549 Holographic ♥.♥

Because I didn't really post this week and I'm finally free from school (aaaaah summer at last!) I wanted to do something special... Something..holographic! Are you ready for lots and lots of pictures? Let's go!

both pictures in full sun!

in shadow, look at the crazy colour mixing!

in shadow, little blurry..

blurry pictures, in sun. look at all those little glitters!

ooffffffffffffffffffffffff <3


close-up. how can someone not love this?

blurry close-up. holo goodness ♥

Like I said, how can a person not love this? Look at all the colours, the perfectness (I'm not sure if that's even a word) of this polish?! Still not sure why GOSH discontinued this baby, I couldn't even get a back-up... I used the 565 fix base coat and 2 coats of 549 Holographic. Went on great, I know some people have trouble with the formula. I wish I had more of these linear holographics, like Nfu Oh.. Maybe one day, when I have enough money! 

What is your favourite nail polish finish?

x Elize

June 19, 2011

Essence - 38 Choose Me!

Hello beauties, I know I really should learn for my testweek right now, but I can't help it, I love blogging haha <3 Today I have Choose Me! for you, an Essence polish from the colour & go collection. Let's see some pictures!
3 coats, no topcoat. with flash!

no flash, in shadow.

no flash, in natural light.

This is a blue jelly polish with green and gold glitters, it makes me think of mermaids haha! This were 3 coats, and there's still a VNL but that's ok, because.. I crackled it :D

no topcoat, no flash, in natural light.

I love this mani! What do you think? 

x Elize

P.S. You may have noticed (or.. maybe not) that all my pictures are the same size. I'm going to continue doing that because I think it looks so much better!
P.P.S. How do you like my new layout? :D

June 15, 2011

WIC by Herôme - New Delhi

I ♥.♥ THIS COLOUR! I bought it for half the price when there was a discount at the Kruidvat and WOW, I never expected to love it this much :o Enough with the talking, let's move on to the pictures :D

2 coats, in sunlight, no flash.

in shade, no flash.

normal light, no flash. most colour accurate picture!

shade, with flash.

I know.. right? It's so.. perfect! Opaque in only 2 coats, glossy without any topcoat and ofcourse, the gorgeous colour! I'm thinking about some nail art on this, but what?

Help me! Should I crackle, konad or scotch tape this beauty? 

x Elize

PS. Like I said in my previous post, my testweek starts tommorow so I won't be posting for a while :c

June 10, 2011

Manicures of this week!

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts these weeks, thank god it's almost my summer vacation. Unfortunately, I have another testweek coming up and I don't think I will be posting that week... Ofcourse, after that, I'm done with school (for this year.. ugh.) and can post all I want! Are you ready for some pictures?


This mini polish from H&M only needs 2 coats to be opaque and the colour is just.. ♥.♥ 
Then I stamped it with the animal print stampy plate by essence with CG - Rodeo Fanatic. Love!

On to the next!

Catrice - Run Forest Run!

Lol, love the name. This is only 1 coat, because it didn't need another haha.. I just had to mattify this baby. 

Nice right? Well, I just couldn't leave it uncrackled :$

I love the complete mani! It looks like.. crocodile skin or something?

Ok, on to the last manicure of this week!

Catrice - Am I Blue Or Green? 

I know I already showed you this polish before, but it was the perfect base for this mani! Ok, I admit, it's not perfect. But it's my first rose nail art thingy, and I'm still learning... The overall effect is cute, I think!

What do you guys think of these manis?

x Elize

P.S. Here's a little picture from some gorgeous flowers in my garden!

June 9, 2011

Be sure to check out this giveaway!

Spellbinding Nails is having an amazing giveaway, be sure to check it out! She's giving away these amazing nailpolishes, 2 awesome plates and you can choose 8 plates from chez delaney!

x Elize

June 5, 2011

Comparison: Essence - Blue Ray and China Glaze - Rodeo Fanatic

Hi! When I first saw the promo pictures of the meet me @holographics.com collection I was like aaaah that blue one looks like Rodeo Fanatic. I borrowed it from my friend Lieke, and here are the pictures! (middle + pinky are Blue Ray, ring is Rodeo Fanatic)

normal light, with flash.

normal light, no flash. 

shadow, no flash.

As you can see, Blue Ray is a bit lighter and more grey, Rodeo Fanatic is more blue.. Nope, these fellas aren't the same! They might "look-a-like" but they're definitely not exactly the same. What do you think, do you have these two? 

x Elize
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