June 10, 2011

Manicures of this week!

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts these weeks, thank god it's almost my summer vacation. Unfortunately, I have another testweek coming up and I don't think I will be posting that week... Ofcourse, after that, I'm done with school (for this year.. ugh.) and can post all I want! Are you ready for some pictures?


This mini polish from H&M only needs 2 coats to be opaque and the colour is just.. ♥.♥ 
Then I stamped it with the animal print stampy plate by essence with CG - Rodeo Fanatic. Love!

On to the next!

Catrice - Run Forest Run!

Lol, love the name. This is only 1 coat, because it didn't need another haha.. I just had to mattify this baby. 

Nice right? Well, I just couldn't leave it uncrackled :$

I love the complete mani! It looks like.. crocodile skin or something?

Ok, on to the last manicure of this week!

Catrice - Am I Blue Or Green? 

I know I already showed you this polish before, but it was the perfect base for this mani! Ok, I admit, it's not perfect. But it's my first rose nail art thingy, and I'm still learning... The overall effect is cute, I think!

What do you guys think of these manis?

x Elize

P.S. Here's a little picture from some gorgeous flowers in my garden!


  1. die bloemetjes zijn echt verrry adorable! ga ik zeker ook eens proberen^^

  2. l-o-v-e de 'krokodillen' nail art! eerst vond ik crackle helemaal niks, maar ik ben om: MOET het hebben hihi.

    x Hanna

  3. hihi ja ik had ook zo iets van: "hmmm, is dat wel mooi?" maar als je er een bezit, je gaat hem over ALLES heen proberen hihi!

    x Elize

  4. Ja precies! En voor 1,80 (zo duur is ie toch?)kun je het best proberen..

  5. Die matt polish is zoooo nice hebbe ! o.o


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