June 15, 2011

WIC by Herôme - New Delhi

I ♥.♥ THIS COLOUR! I bought it for half the price when there was a discount at the Kruidvat and WOW, I never expected to love it this much :o Enough with the talking, let's move on to the pictures :D

2 coats, in sunlight, no flash.

in shade, no flash.

normal light, no flash. most colour accurate picture!

shade, with flash.

I know.. right? It's so.. perfect! Opaque in only 2 coats, glossy without any topcoat and ofcourse, the gorgeous colour! I'm thinking about some nail art on this, but what?

Help me! Should I crackle, konad or scotch tape this beauty? 

x Elize

PS. Like I said in my previous post, my testweek starts tommorow so I won't be posting for a while :c


  1. Wauw, mooie kleur! Staat je goed, past ook echt bij je. De WIC collectie is sowieso fijn, en nu afgeprijsd naar 5 euro bij kruidvat. :)

  2. oooooh thanks for the tip! mijne is bijna op, en ik wil echt een nieuwe!
    ik zou hem konadden met wit, en dan je m65 flower. tenminste, welke plates heb je allemaal?

  3. I just wanted to let you know I've tagged you for an award on my blog. I think you should have many more followers than you do! Please check it out for details :)

    This is quite a pretty color on you!


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