September 28, 2012

Happy 2 year blogoversary purrrpolish! (+ my first giveaway!)

Yaaaaaaay! Even though my blogoversary was the 8th of September, I still wanted to celebrate it :D Therefore...I am hosting my very first giveawaaaaaay, woooohoooo! I'm so excited and uhmmm I just want to thank Lucy for helping me hosting this (even though it wasn't as hard as I expected, haha). So...are you excited about the price? I know I am, lol! I know I'm kind of late with this one but I found it in Italy this summer and I instantly bought it because I knew I wanted to use it in my 2 year blogoversary giveaway.

OPI - Black Spotted!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In two weeks I'll announce the winner and e-mail that person and I wish you all the best of luck! :D

x Elize

September 22, 2012

Essence - I Love Bad Boys + Kitty Update #9

Oh my god, I completely forgot my two year blogoversary was this month! Well I was actually already planning something so I'm going to try and be ready in my next blogpost. I'm not telling you anything yet :D Anyway, this post I'm going to show you another one of the new Essence polishes (I Love Bad Boys) and another kitty update! For ILBB I used 2 coats and no topcoat. 
daylight (outside), no flash. 

sunlight, with flash.

daylight (inside), no flash. 

sunlight, no flash. 

daylight (inside), no flash. 


As you can see, my nails are quite short right now, but I thought it was time to just cut them off a bit since they were really splitting and breaking off. Anyways, ILBB is a very pretty turquoise/blue crème with tiny little glass flecks. I love it! Application was great (I love the new Essence brushes!) and so was drying time. 
Maybe some of you have noticed there was no kittypic in this post..that's because I wasn't able to make any good pictures this time. They're all moved or too dark or whatever. Sorry! But...I do have a kitty update for you guys :D

They are growing. Wow. From little kittens to (well..almost) cats. Sem is such an adventurous little guy, but he is also very cuddly! Mila is just one of the cuddliest kitties ever. And they purr like crazy :D

Sem <3

"sup?" - Mila

playing Sem, such a cute picture!

That's all for this post, have a great weekend!

x Elize

September 16, 2012

China Glaze - I Herd That

Heyyy! So I know I'm a bit late with swatching this polish, but I think the On Safari collection is still available on some websites. I Herd That is a glitterpolish with gold, copper/orange and some holographic glitters. For the first couple of pictures I used 3 coats, no topcoat.
daylight, no flash. 

close-up, with flash. 

daylight, no flash. 

Sem-kittypic! Look at that little face, lol :D

Because the finish was so gritty I applied 1 layer of topcoat. Here are some pictures with the topcoat:
daylight, no flash.

close-up, no flash.

Purrretty right? I really like how this polish is not completely gold, but it has multiple colours of glitter in it! The application was fine, drying time was perfect, but we'll have to see about removing this one haha.. It's just a clear base with loads of glitter, wich will probably be a p.i.t.a. to remove! 
Weekend is almost over :( I'm going to do my best to post another polish during the week, but I can't promise you anything!

x Elize

September 11, 2012

My first Essie polish! Mint Candy Apple ♥

I'm so exciteeeed! Today my first ever Essie nailpolish arrived :D I ordered Mint Candy Apple and I'm just....loving it. It's such a purretty colour and the formula is AMAZING! Just look at these pictures.
daylight, just a little bit of sun, no flash. 

inside, with flash. 

daylight, no sun, no flash. 



I applied 3 layers of MCA and waited about 5 minutes inbetween to let it dry. After the 3 coats dried (wich took about 10 minutes) there were NO bubbles, NO scratches, nothing. It applied like a dream and the finish is superglossy. No topcoat needed! I think I will be buying more Essie polishes...very soon. So, any recommendations? What is your favourite Essie polish?

x Elize

September 7, 2012

Good Luck Earth and Kitty Update #8

Yaaaay, weekend! My first week of school has been....extremely boring. That's why I am so happy I finally had the time to do something about my terrible-looking nails this afternoon, lol! I used Deborah Milano - Good Luck Green and sponged the top with SpaRitual - Earth Matters, one of the polishes I won in a giveaway hosted by Lucy!
Ooooooh! Daylight, no flash.

Good Luck Green with only my accent finger sponged, sunlight (to show you GLG in sunlight!) 

Good Luck Green in daylight. 



Isn't it a gorgeous colour? Such a pretty shade of green. The formula and drying time were also amazing! This polish is like half jelly half creme, so cool. Also, this polish will match a lot of the fall clothes in stores now! Yes, I like this polish :D

Now, on to the kitty update. The kitties are doing great and are becoming actual kittycats!
gorgeous Mila ♥

crazy-looking Sem, haha!

Sem looks sooo regal in this picture!

pretty eyes Mila!

Also, Luna has been really nice to the kitties. Maybe it's because she can eat all their food (they don't dare to protest, Luna is still a lot bigger haha), or maybe because she finally sees they're actually really cute and fun kitties to hang out and play with! I personally think it's because of the first reason...

How has your week been? :D

x Elize

September 2, 2012

Kiko - #389 Mint Milk

Hiii! Today I will show you another Kiko polish I bought in Italy. This is number 389, a minty blue crème. Purretty! I used 2 coats, no topcoat.


All the pictures were made without a flash, but I don't really remember in what lights. I'm pretty sure there was no sun involved in making these pictures, the weather in Holland sucks right now. So, on to the polish. ISN'T IT PURRFECT? It's so pretty and cute and bright and mwaaaahhh ♥ If you have been following me for a while you know I'm an absolute sucker for blue-ish polishes. I've been trying to use a lot of different colours, but there has been times I had 4 posts of blue colours one after another. Yep. Anyways, the formula and drying time is great! It took about 20 minutes to apply the firts layer, let that dry, apply the second layer, and let that dry. Yes, I really love this polish.

x Elize
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