September 22, 2012

Essence - I Love Bad Boys + Kitty Update #9

Oh my god, I completely forgot my two year blogoversary was this month! Well I was actually already planning something so I'm going to try and be ready in my next blogpost. I'm not telling you anything yet :D Anyway, this post I'm going to show you another one of the new Essence polishes (I Love Bad Boys) and another kitty update! For ILBB I used 2 coats and no topcoat. 
daylight (outside), no flash. 

sunlight, with flash.

daylight (inside), no flash. 

sunlight, no flash. 

daylight (inside), no flash. 


As you can see, my nails are quite short right now, but I thought it was time to just cut them off a bit since they were really splitting and breaking off. Anyways, ILBB is a very pretty turquoise/blue crème with tiny little glass flecks. I love it! Application was great (I love the new Essence brushes!) and so was drying time. 
Maybe some of you have noticed there was no kittypic in this post..that's because I wasn't able to make any good pictures this time. They're all moved or too dark or whatever. Sorry! But...I do have a kitty update for you guys :D

They are growing. Wow. From little kittens to (well..almost) cats. Sem is such an adventurous little guy, but he is also very cuddly! Mila is just one of the cuddliest kitties ever. And they purr like crazy :D

Sem <3

"sup?" - Mila

playing Sem, such a cute picture!

That's all for this post, have a great weekend!

x Elize


  1. You have the cutest cats!!
    And this Essence is great!)

  2. Wow mooi kleurtje,
    en wat een superlieve katten allemaal!

  3. Awww, they're sooo adorable! <3

  4. I feel glad looking at your cute cats... and... oh, of course, the polish, yes, the polish... I love this shade of blue, all this glass fleck is stunning, and I like short nails, they're so elegant and stylish!
    Rock ur Nails!

  5. Wow, voor het eerst op je blog via girlscene, super mooie swatches!!

  6. Gosh, I don't know where to look at, this nail polish or cats :D All of them cute :)


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