March 31, 2011

S-he #466

Hellooooo! My little sister had a gymnastics competition in the Czech Republic (?) last year and when she got back she gave me this beautiful nailpolish from a brand called S-he. I got number 466, a gray/green colour with a subtile (but pretty) shimmer in it. On to the pics!

artificial light, no flash.

artificial light, with flash.

most colour accurate, normal light, with flash.

All pics are with 2 coats of 466 and no topcoat. 

WOW I love this polish! What do you think?

x Elize

March 29, 2011


Aaaargh, I'm such a bad blogger! So sorry about that, I should post every 2-3 days... My middlefinger nail broke off this weekend so I had to cut all my nails a bit shorter. I'm NOT happy!

Okay, on to my FAILICURE. I'm telling you, it's sucky. As a base I used Catrice - Poison Me, Poison You and  stamped a full nail pattern from M65 on it and because it looked boring I added some Casuelle glitters on top of it all. And ofcourse, I messed up. 

Please, don't click. You'll see the smudged out stamp and the big bump on my pink. 

From a distance it looks pretty cool. But never look close. NEVER!

x Elize

March 22, 2011

China Glaze - Rodeo Fanatic

Hi! This week is one SUCKY week for me because I have sooo many things to do! Especially learning, haha... The polish I'm wearing right now is Rodeo Fanatic by China Glaze, and wow let me just show you a close-up of the bottle: 

How can someone dislike this? Got to love it. But it's such a P.I.T.A to photograph, you just can't see how it is in real (and in real, it's gorgeous!)

Close-up in normal light, no sun no flash, 3 coats and no topcoat.

Normal light, no flash.

Look at those glitters! Very pretty. Normal light, no flash.

Woops! Moved pic, but can you see those glitters?

Normal light, with flash.

Do I really need to say more?

OK, back to my books, my new best friends! Tell me what you guys think of this polish. I don't know about you, but I love it!

x Elize

March 17, 2011

These roses are for Audrey - CG For Audrey

Helloooo! I'm back, sorry it took me so long haha... Next week I have another testweek at school (urgh) so I probably won't post anything... SO SORRY! 
So erh tuesday I got For Audrey in the mail (a major lemming was killed!) and I couldn't wait to try it. But Monday I put on one of my new polishes from H&M, the Hello Kitty Turquoise. Here's a quick pic!

I wanted to show you this because this polish and For Audrey are pretty much THE SAME! I'll make a real comparison as soon as possible, but here's a bottle comparison pic...

Yeah... That's exactly what I thought.

On to For Audrey (LOVE IT)
with flash, no topcoat.

pretty much colour accurate, no topcoat.

As you know, I really love my M65 Konad Rose - pattern, lol. I couldn't help stamping it on this BEAUTIFULL polish!

with topcoat, artificial light, no flash.

with topcoat, artificial light, no flash.

I looove this mani. Tell me, what do you think? 

xo Elize 

March 7, 2011

Fatal Dorothy Who?

Helloooooo! It's me, mario. Nah just kidding, my spring break is over, omg I miss everyone soooo much. I'm really tired and feel like craaaap today but hey, life goes on. As you know I got my CG polishes, and today I have on Dorothy Who? over Essence - 20 Fatal, a black basic polish. Sooo, let's just move on to the pics...


sun, no flash.

sun, with flash.

glitter close-up, no flash.

blurry close-up, in sun, no flash.

oh my GLITTER! This is just gorgeous... I know it's not really a proper swatch, because it's over black. But I saw this at and well, I just fell in love. 

How about you?

xo Elize

March 2, 2011

Thanks, Mailman!

Hellooooo! Sorry I've been neglecting my poor little blog. It's my springbreak this week, and I'm really busy with rehearsing for a musical I'm in. This weekend I'll be performing the musical, and I'm really excited but it's so close! Aaaah! So I really haven't had much time for posting, sorry sweeties.

Well, on to the main reason of this post. Monday I ordered 3 China Glaze polishes from For Audrey, Dorothy Who? and Rodeo Fanatic. Yesterday I got Rodeo Fanatic and Dorothy Who?, For Audrey was out of stock so will be delivered as soon as they can! Well, Ofcourse I had to make some photo's of my first two CG polishes, and here they are!


duochrooooome... (I know it doesn't really show up on the nails but DAMN)


As you can see; blue, blue and blue. Woops! I'm such a sucker for blue polishes hehehe...

Soon better pics on my own nails and For Audrey, ly!

xo Elize (aka Jennifer in Shard, the musical)

PS. OMG! 31 followers? I can't believe it!
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