March 17, 2011

These roses are for Audrey - CG For Audrey

Helloooo! I'm back, sorry it took me so long haha... Next week I have another testweek at school (urgh) so I probably won't post anything... SO SORRY! 
So erh tuesday I got For Audrey in the mail (a major lemming was killed!) and I couldn't wait to try it. But Monday I put on one of my new polishes from H&M, the Hello Kitty Turquoise. Here's a quick pic!

I wanted to show you this because this polish and For Audrey are pretty much THE SAME! I'll make a real comparison as soon as possible, but here's a bottle comparison pic...

Yeah... That's exactly what I thought.

On to For Audrey (LOVE IT)
with flash, no topcoat.

pretty much colour accurate, no topcoat.

As you know, I really love my M65 Konad Rose - pattern, lol. I couldn't help stamping it on this BEAUTIFULL polish!

with topcoat, artificial light, no flash.

with topcoat, artificial light, no flash.

I looove this mani. Tell me, what do you think? 

xo Elize 


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