March 2, 2011

Thanks, Mailman!

Hellooooo! Sorry I've been neglecting my poor little blog. It's my springbreak this week, and I'm really busy with rehearsing for a musical I'm in. This weekend I'll be performing the musical, and I'm really excited but it's so close! Aaaah! So I really haven't had much time for posting, sorry sweeties.

Well, on to the main reason of this post. Monday I ordered 3 China Glaze polishes from For Audrey, Dorothy Who? and Rodeo Fanatic. Yesterday I got Rodeo Fanatic and Dorothy Who?, For Audrey was out of stock so will be delivered as soon as they can! Well, Ofcourse I had to make some photo's of my first two CG polishes, and here they are!


duochrooooome... (I know it doesn't really show up on the nails but DAMN)


As you can see; blue, blue and blue. Woops! I'm such a sucker for blue polishes hehehe...

Soon better pics on my own nails and For Audrey, ly!

xo Elize (aka Jennifer in Shard, the musical)

PS. OMG! 31 followers? I can't believe it!

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