October 30, 2011

OPI - Yodel Me On My Cell

Sorry for not posting so long, but last week I just couldn't find time to write something! On to the polish. In my last post I told you I now own my very first OPI nailpolish.. I've posted about 2 OPI polishes before, but they were both borrowed from Lisa. Now, I have my own! It's Yodel Me On My Cell from the Swiss Collection in Fall 2010. I still want Ski Teal We Drop from that collection, and I hope I can order that one soon :D
Would you like to see some pictures of YMOMC? 

Bottle pics ♥.♥

I applied 3 coats to make this pretty-polish opaque, and I'm OK with that. It's a big bottle!

normal light, no flash.

close to the window, no flash.


It was such a P.I.T.A to photograph! Every time I took a picture I thought it would be colour accurate but when I looked at it.. It was really blue. And YMOMC is not that blue, it's really turquoise! Anyway, I still love it. The colour is perfect. It's even a bit duochrome, in some light.. Drying time is AMAZING! I could touch my nails after 1 minute without getting bumps and stuff in the nailpolish and just apply the next coat without getting bubbles on my nails. Whaaaat?! I told you, amazing. 

Now, my dear followers, I have to continue making my homework.. Thanks for reading!

x Elize

PS. I almost have 130 followers :D

October 24, 2011

OPI - Meet Me On The Star Ferry

My adorable friend Lisa came over last week and she brought OPI - Meet Me On The Star Ferry so I could put it on! Here are the pictures :D (Not with the original bottle, sorry..)

normal light, with flash.

shadow, with flash.

normal light, no flash.

I looooove this. The drying time is AMAZING!I don't really remember if this were 2 or 3 coats but I think 3. After that I applied one layer of top coat and it was all smooth! Did anyone ever notice some of the holographic glitters? Look at the pictures with flash, wow! Last but not least:

eating kitties-pic!

Oh and I'm very proud to announce I now own my very first OPI polish, I got it this weekend and you'll see wich one it is in a couple of days! Let me tell you.. it's gorgeous (and blue :D) ♥

x Elize

October 16, 2011

Essence - 76 Hard To Resist

The name of the nailpolish says it all. I simply couldn't resist buying this gorgeous blue.. Woops! 

in sun, no flash. This took me only ONE coat!

normal light, no flash.

Pret-tyyyyyyyy! Over 1 coat of this irresistible polish (lol) I applied a layer of the Essence soft touch topcoat (a.k.a matte topcoat!)

normal light, no flash.

normal light, with flash.

close up in sunlight, no flash.


I think I like this combo, I'm just not really sure... Should I try something with scotch tape? Or stamping? 

What do you think?

x Elize

PS. I'm practising for another musical again this week and I'm really excited but really tired after last week.  There was a erhhh 'celebration' at my school and I polished people their nails for an entire week! It was so much fun, lol! I painted the nails from about 60 people and earned €67  for the school. Awesome, right? :D

October 9, 2011

China Glaze - For Audrey

Hi guys, sorry for not posting so long but I wasn't home this weekend! Now I would like to show you some new pictures of China Glaze - For Audrey, wich I'm proud to call one of my favourite polishes ♥

normal light with a little bit of sunshine, no flash.

normal light, no flash.


Ahhhhhhhhhh so pretty ♥.♥ I love Audrey Hepburn, I love turquoise and I LOVE this polish! Opaque in 2 thick/3 thin coats and drying time is AWESOME. I could go on and on about how much I love this polish, but I won't bother you any longer. 
I just love it!

What is your favourite nailpolish?

x Elize

October 2, 2011

Catrice - Moulin Rouge Light

I know I already posted about this nailpolish, but because it had so many views I thought it deserved some better pictures! 

normal light, no flash.

shadow, no flash and most colour accurate.

in direct sunlight, no flash.


As you can see it's a bit too pink for my skin, but I think it's very pretty. Everytime I look at my nails they look so elegant and pretty! I'm not a big fan of pink but this one is just amazing. It's a keeper! If the nudes ever go out of the collection I'll have to get myself a back-up!

Do you think I should swatch more old polishes who deserve better pictures? Please tell me which polish you'd like to see again!

x Elize
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