January 31, 2011

Melted ice cream nail art over U Must Have This - H&M

Hiya! I finally got the time to polish my nails, and I used U Must Have This from H&M as the base colour. Then I took Catrice - It Blue My Mind and draw some droopy lines. At first I thought OMG that's so cool! And then I was like, boring! So I polished some Claire's glitters over it, and it looked cuuuuute!

pic with topcoat, with flash

Ok, I admit it's not perfect, but overall it looks very cute. I know I made a post about U Must Have This before, and I just love this colour. But it's such a p.i.t.a to remove, aaaaah! My fingers were all blue, and my nails were blue stained, so they had this blue glow, very charming (NOT!)...

xo Elize

January 21, 2011

RIMMEL LONDON 825 Sky High (AGAIN?!) + New camera!

Yes, again, I'm sorry but I absolutely adore this polish and my previous post about it was like... SUCKY! Only one shot, and it was in bad lightning. So, I present to you, one of my favourite polishes from my stash, Rimmel London's Sky High, with Konad M71 in white on it! (Sorry, no photo without it :c)

with flash (excuse the crappy cuticles, I didn't clean up before I took pictures, woops...) (no topcoat)

without flash (omg, I freaking ADORE this konad design. It's so pretty!) (no topcoat)

Love it!

Good news peopleeeeee, I bought a new camera on marktplaats.nl (the dutch ebay, a bit smaller though haha). I chose the Canon 350 because I'm just an amateur, and it makes a huge different in price. The pictures are soooooo sharp! Look at them! (^^) I'm very happy and I'll be posting great pictures from now on.

PS. How comes I have 17 followers? So many in such a short time! 
PPS. I got tagged by http://colorfulbottle.blogspot.com/, thanks so much! I'll post about it soon.

x Elize

January 17, 2011

Buying a new camera... Canon 350D or the 1000D?

Okaaaay, help me because I can't decide. I've been wanting a new camera for ages, and this time I'm doing it good. I want a reflex camera (spiegelreflex in dutch if you're wondering) from Canon, just because I've always had this secret love for Canon hahaha! I'm just really bad at decisions. 

The EOS 350D...
Second-hand around €250, good reviews and 8 megapixel. Simpel camera, good for newbies (why are they talking about me? lol.)

Then we have the EOS 1000D...
Second-hand around €350, very good reviews and 10,1 megapixel. A little more advanced!

What do you guys think? Help me, because I can't seem to decide... Any experience, anybody?
Let me know!

x Elize

January 8, 2011

Testweek, sorry guys...

Ik zal de komende week en die daarna niet veel posten, sorry! Ik heb testweek en ik moet echt even hard gaan leren. Ik denk dat veel mensen het nu wel hebben maarja... Ik zal wel mijn nagels blijven lakken en foto's blijven maken, alleen komt het wat later op mijn blog. Veel succes iedereen, als je testweek heb (en anders ook natuurlijk, school gewoon is ook niet leuk hihi), en nagelak-ze!

x Elize
gelukkig heb ik altijd Luna nog hahahaha <3


This used to be a post in dutch, I deleted the text so here are just the pictures.

Edit: My stamping sucked haha..

x Elize

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