January 21, 2011

RIMMEL LONDON 825 Sky High (AGAIN?!) + New camera!

Yes, again, I'm sorry but I absolutely adore this polish and my previous post about it was like... SUCKY! Only one shot, and it was in bad lightning. So, I present to you, one of my favourite polishes from my stash, Rimmel London's Sky High, with Konad M71 in white on it! (Sorry, no photo without it :c)

with flash (excuse the crappy cuticles, I didn't clean up before I took pictures, woops...) (no topcoat)

without flash (omg, I freaking ADORE this konad design. It's so pretty!) (no topcoat)

Love it!

Good news peopleeeeee, I bought a new camera on marktplaats.nl (the dutch ebay, a bit smaller though haha). I chose the Canon 350 because I'm just an amateur, and it makes a huge different in price. The pictures are soooooo sharp! Look at them! (^^) I'm very happy and I'll be posting great pictures from now on.

PS. How comes I have 17 followers? So many in such a short time! 
PPS. I got tagged by http://colorfulbottle.blogspot.com/, thanks so much! I'll post about it soon.

x Elize


  1. #17, that was me! haha whoo!
    I like the design too, reminds me of snowflakes :)

    I totally found your blog from it being taged by colorful bottle for the "stylish blogger" award, and now I'm tagging you for the same award... haha idk, 'cause that's how I roll... yeah...
    it's at www.northernnails.blogspot.com by the way ;D

  2. O, wow. Dit is echt een prachtige kleur.


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