January 31, 2011

Melted ice cream nail art over U Must Have This - H&M

Hiya! I finally got the time to polish my nails, and I used U Must Have This from H&M as the base colour. Then I took Catrice - It Blue My Mind and draw some droopy lines. At first I thought OMG that's so cool! And then I was like, boring! So I polished some Claire's glitters over it, and it looked cuuuuute!

pic with topcoat, with flash

Ok, I admit it's not perfect, but overall it looks very cute. I know I made a post about U Must Have This before, and I just love this colour. But it's such a p.i.t.a to remove, aaaaah! My fingers were all blue, and my nails were blue stained, so they had this blue glow, very charming (NOT!)...

xo Elize

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