April 30, 2012

Happy Queensday!

Yaaaaay it's queensday in Holland again! Everyone dressed in orange, wearing orange nailpolish, selling their old stuff and eating an orange tompouce. That's right, a tompouce. I'll be sure to get back to the tompouce at the end of this post :D
So for my Queensday mani I applied 3 layers of Essence - WAKE UP! and on my ringfinger I applied one thin coat of Golden Rose Scale Effect - #10 :)

here's a better picture of the flakies. purrretty!


Nothing really special but I liked the look of the flakies! It take an age to dry though, blah.

Anyway, back to the tompouce, or as we dutchies like to call it: tompoes. To everyone non-dutch who's reading this. If you ever visit Holland on Queensday, you HAVE TO eat one of these. Just look at them. This is the one I ate just 10 minutes ago: 

So, what colour are you wearing for Queensday?

x Elize

April 27, 2012

DA 107

Hello everyoooone! Today I have a very pretty polish for you wich I actually already swatched but well, who cares? :D

2 coats, no topcoat, with flash.

no topcoat, no flash.


And I also did my best friend Milou her nails, and they turned out reaaally cute! She is wearing Catrice - Am I Blue Or Green with the Konad rose-stamp :D

x Elize

April 25, 2012

Kitty update!

Hello and a big warm welcome to all my new followers (226 followers, yay!) :D You guys are amazing. 
Today we got some new pictures of the little kittens I posted about a week ago. They're adorable. 

Nawwwwww! Aren't they the cutest? If you'd have to pick one, wich one would you pick? We still don't know wich one we want :(
To fill up the rest of this post, here are some pictures I made this week haha :D

So, wich kitty do you think we should get? I really want to get two of them but Luna might not really like that and my parents don't really think it's a good idea. Bwah. 

x Elize

April 22, 2012

China Glaze - Stone Cold

Hello everyone! I have no idea if I am actually writing a blogpost right now or something else. Blogger changed. Blah. I might get used to it some day...maybe...I don't think so.. Anyway, on to the polish! Today I would like to show you Stone Cold, also from the Hungergames collection by China Glaze :D I used two coats and ofcourse, no topcoat.
normal light, no flash.


As you can see, Stone Cold is a dark grey-based matte polish with loads of silver glitter. Very pretty, but I got kind of bored with it after a while so I applied some top coat...
daylight, no flash.

another kittypic!

I think I love it eitherway.. Matte is pretty and special, but glossy is also very pretty. No, I don't really have a preference!  
Ifd you would still like to order some Colours of The Capitol polishes, they're still available on enchantra.eu :D
So, wich version do you like best, matte or glossy?

x Elize

April 17, 2012

Exciting news :D

Hello everyone! I actually wanted to do a mani today but I completey forgot (I know, sounds really strange) to do my nails.. But I do have something else really exciting to share with you! As most of you know, we lost our lovely cat Simba this christmas and we really miss him... We have been looking for a new kitty quite a while now, and yesterday we got really amazing news. Pimmetje, Simba and Luna's mom, had a new nest of kittens! Today we went there and I made this really crappy mobile-pic:

Isn't that adorable? And, doesn't Pimmetje look a LOT like Luna? We really like the brown one on the far right and the light orange one on the far left. We'll be going again in 2 weeks and I'll be sure to keep you guys updated! 

x Elize

April 14, 2012

Essence - A Walk In The Park

Hey guys! Today is a very special day because it is Milou's birthdaaaaaay :D Sweet sixteen hun, I love you! 
You might have heard about the Essence Colour 3 duo polishes, and I actually bought 2 a little while ago but I didn't really swatch them. So now I would like to show you A Walk In The Park, and I didn't apply the effect layer thingy because I think it doesn't really match this particular colour.. It should be on top of a blue colour but not this beautiful green! Ok, enough talking. I used two coats and no topcoat.
daylight, no flash.

sunlight, no flash.


I love this colour. It's a deep green with really pretty light green shimmers! I think the first picture is most colour accurate. Application was fine even though the bottle is a bit strange ofcourse. Drying time was less great because it took me about 45 minutes to dry and it were only two coats. Mwah.
I'm really happy with this polish because I think it is very pretty! What do you think, would you buy it?

x Elize

April 9, 2012

Have A Lucky Lilac Day

Happy easter everyone! For my easter mani I used 2 Catrice polishes, Lucky in Lilac and Have An Ice Day (from the Million Styles LE). I don't have a lot of time today (homework, bluh), so here are the pictures!
daylight (no sun today, unfortunately), no flash.

blurry pic to show you the holographic glitters (bokehs!), no flash.


I used 2 coats of Lucky In Lilac and 1 of Have An Ice Day. Drying time was actually really good and it dried within I guess about 10 minutes? That's all it took! The result looks good, but I'm not sure if it's really my type of mani. But it looks cute!
How was your easter? :D

x Elize

April 5, 2012

Essence - Mellow Yellow

So this is sort of a pre-easternails mani, because on saturday or sunday I will show you what I will actually be wearing on easter but for now I just wanted to show you this one! It's Mellow Yellow, a pastel-light-yellow that is unfortunately not available anymore. Damn you, Essence. Anyway, here are my pictures! I used three coats and no topcoat.
daylight, no flash.

sun (yay!), no flash.


As you might know, pastel colours are the new trend for this summer and I think I'm actually fine with that. It looks sweet and happy! This polish does not really have the best formula, the application is fine but it dries kind of slow. Anyway, I'm happy with the result and I'll see you in a few days!

x Elize

April 3, 2012

China Glaze - Smoke and Ashes

A big hello to all my lovely followers out there! Today I'm going to show you my swatches of Smoke and Ashes from the Hungergames collection by China Glaze. This was one of the polishes I immediately knew I wanted so as you can imagine I was reaaaally excited to try it. I used 2 coats of Smoke and Ashes and 1 layer of topcoat. Allright, here we go!
daylight, no flash.

daylight, with flash.

Pretty amazing huh? It reminds me of a very starry and pretty night! Here's a bottlepic, that is even prettier:


So I'm really happy with the look of this polish, though I would've really wanted to see more of that duochrome glitter that is visible in the bottle but not on the nails. It's a nice colour but I think I'll wear this more often as soon as fall begins, because I LOVE bright and happy colours in spring and summer :D 

x Elize

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