April 5, 2012

Essence - Mellow Yellow

So this is sort of a pre-easternails mani, because on saturday or sunday I will show you what I will actually be wearing on easter but for now I just wanted to show you this one! It's Mellow Yellow, a pastel-light-yellow that is unfortunately not available anymore. Damn you, Essence. Anyway, here are my pictures! I used three coats and no topcoat.
daylight, no flash.

sun (yay!), no flash.


As you might know, pastel colours are the new trend for this summer and I think I'm actually fine with that. It looks sweet and happy! This polish does not really have the best formula, the application is fine but it dries kind of slow. Anyway, I'm happy with the result and I'll see you in a few days!

x Elize


  1. wow, qué uñas hermosas! Estoy celosa! hihi

  2. lol @ your cat's face in that last picture

  3. Mooi kleurtje! Oh en ik las op girlscene dat je een webshop zocht voor een giveaway. Je kunt elke webshop wel proberen, als je even uitlegt dat je een blog hebt die over nagellak gaat. Dan zullen ze wel begrijpen dat je een nagellak wilt weggeven (: Check bijvoorbeeld alicejo.com of boozyshop.nl


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