April 22, 2012

China Glaze - Stone Cold

Hello everyone! I have no idea if I am actually writing a blogpost right now or something else. Blogger changed. Blah. I might get used to it some day...maybe...I don't think so.. Anyway, on to the polish! Today I would like to show you Stone Cold, also from the Hungergames collection by China Glaze :D I used two coats and ofcourse, no topcoat.
normal light, no flash.


As you can see, Stone Cold is a dark grey-based matte polish with loads of silver glitter. Very pretty, but I got kind of bored with it after a while so I applied some top coat...
daylight, no flash.

another kittypic!

I think I love it eitherway.. Matte is pretty and special, but glossy is also very pretty. No, I don't really have a preference!  
Ifd you would still like to order some Colours of The Capitol polishes, they're still available on enchantra.eu :D
So, wich version do you like best, matte or glossy?

x Elize


  1. This looks so pretty on you!! I can't decide between matte and glossy either - they both look fantastic :D

  2. i love it! but i like the matte one more i think hihi

  3. Your finger is nice and your finger nail color is beautiful.

    by Places To Go


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