April 30, 2012

Happy Queensday!

Yaaaaay it's queensday in Holland again! Everyone dressed in orange, wearing orange nailpolish, selling their old stuff and eating an orange tompouce. That's right, a tompouce. I'll be sure to get back to the tompouce at the end of this post :D
So for my Queensday mani I applied 3 layers of Essence - WAKE UP! and on my ringfinger I applied one thin coat of Golden Rose Scale Effect - #10 :)

here's a better picture of the flakies. purrretty!


Nothing really special but I liked the look of the flakies! It take an age to dry though, blah.

Anyway, back to the tompouce, or as we dutchies like to call it: tompoes. To everyone non-dutch who's reading this. If you ever visit Holland on Queensday, you HAVE TO eat one of these. Just look at them. This is the one I ate just 10 minutes ago: 

So, what colour are you wearing for Queensday?

x Elize


  1. Mooie kleur, ik heb niks met oranje gedaan in mijn outfit eigenlijk.

  2. That is a very fun mani!!! The tompouce looks amazing 2 :D

  3. What a great mani to celebrate!

  4. Waarom gebruik je geen quick drying topcoat om de lak sneller te laten drogen? Een goeie is bv NYC Grand Central Station (iets van €2,29) of de Essence Better than Gel topsealer.


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