October 16, 2011

Essence - 76 Hard To Resist

The name of the nailpolish says it all. I simply couldn't resist buying this gorgeous blue.. Woops! 

in sun, no flash. This took me only ONE coat!

normal light, no flash.

Pret-tyyyyyyyy! Over 1 coat of this irresistible polish (lol) I applied a layer of the Essence soft touch topcoat (a.k.a matte topcoat!)

normal light, no flash.

normal light, with flash.

close up in sunlight, no flash.


I think I like this combo, I'm just not really sure... Should I try something with scotch tape? Or stamping? 

What do you think?

x Elize

PS. I'm practising for another musical again this week and I'm really excited but really tired after last week.  There was a erhhh 'celebration' at my school and I polished people their nails for an entire week! It was so much fun, lol! I painted the nails from about 60 people and earned €67  for the school. Awesome, right? :D


  1. ahhh the colour is beautifull! Maybe I should buy the matt topcoat too! this looks great!

  2. it looks perfect! your nails are the prettiest i've seen so far, and the colour is just gorgeous! oh and i love the kittypics


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