March 7, 2011

Fatal Dorothy Who?

Helloooooo! It's me, mario. Nah just kidding, my spring break is over, omg I miss everyone soooo much. I'm really tired and feel like craaaap today but hey, life goes on. As you know I got my CG polishes, and today I have on Dorothy Who? over Essence - 20 Fatal, a black basic polish. Sooo, let's just move on to the pics...


sun, no flash.

sun, with flash.

glitter close-up, no flash.

blurry close-up, in sun, no flash.

oh my GLITTER! This is just gorgeous... I know it's not really a proper swatch, because it's over black. But I saw this at and well, I just fell in love. 

How about you?

xo Elize


  1. wow!! the color looks very dense and yet gorgeous at the same time! <3 it

  2. looks cool (:

    doet me denken aan dropjes hahaha

  3. It looks gorgeous over black. I'll have to try that. Beautiful nails, too!

  4. OMGLITTER hahahahaa its gorgeous honey! <3

  5. I haven't seen it over black until now, it looks really great :)


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