September 7, 2012

Good Luck Earth and Kitty Update #8

Yaaaay, weekend! My first week of school has been....extremely boring. That's why I am so happy I finally had the time to do something about my terrible-looking nails this afternoon, lol! I used Deborah Milano - Good Luck Green and sponged the top with SpaRitual - Earth Matters, one of the polishes I won in a giveaway hosted by Lucy!
Ooooooh! Daylight, no flash.

Good Luck Green with only my accent finger sponged, sunlight (to show you GLG in sunlight!) 

Good Luck Green in daylight. 



Isn't it a gorgeous colour? Such a pretty shade of green. The formula and drying time were also amazing! This polish is like half jelly half creme, so cool. Also, this polish will match a lot of the fall clothes in stores now! Yes, I like this polish :D

Now, on to the kitty update. The kitties are doing great and are becoming actual kittycats!
gorgeous Mila ♥

crazy-looking Sem, haha!

Sem looks sooo regal in this picture!

pretty eyes Mila!

Also, Luna has been really nice to the kitties. Maybe it's because she can eat all their food (they don't dare to protest, Luna is still a lot bigger haha), or maybe because she finally sees they're actually really cute and fun kitties to hang out and play with! I personally think it's because of the first reason...

How has your week been? :D

x Elize


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous mani. <3 It looks wonderful. And of course the kittens are adorable. :)

  2. Wow, ik ben echt fan van de eerste nagels! Dat is gewoon zo gaaf. De andere is ook mooi. En de katjes zijn teeee lief <3

  3. Súpermooi gelakt. Wat zou ik graag jouw nagels willen, haha. Mijn week was heel leuk :).


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