September 11, 2012

My first Essie polish! Mint Candy Apple ♥

I'm so exciteeeed! Today my first ever Essie nailpolish arrived :D I ordered Mint Candy Apple and I'm just....loving it. It's such a purretty colour and the formula is AMAZING! Just look at these pictures.
daylight, just a little bit of sun, no flash. 

inside, with flash. 

daylight, no sun, no flash. 



I applied 3 layers of MCA and waited about 5 minutes inbetween to let it dry. After the 3 coats dried (wich took about 10 minutes) there were NO bubbles, NO scratches, nothing. It applied like a dream and the finish is superglossy. No topcoat needed! I think I will be buying more Essie polishes...very soon. So, any recommendations? What is your favourite Essie polish?

x Elize


  1. Wonderful color!)
    I love Essie's red, nude and vampy colors - they're gorgeous and have great formula)

  2. I wish I could get my hands on some Essie polishes... This one is so beautiful!

  3. somehow I adore mint polishes on other people, but I just feel like Mint doesnt really go with my skin color... #SadFace

  4. My first Essie polish was 'walk on the aisle". But my favorite is "Merlino cool", such a nice colour for in the winter! But Mint candy apple is such a nice colour, love it! Essie is great!

  5. Hele mooie kleur! Jaloers op jouw nagels..

  6. I also have only one Essie nail polish, and it's Mint Candy apple! I think that everyone should have it in their collection!

  7. Wauw prachtig! Ik twijfel al een tijdje om essie aan te schaffen omdat ik toch meer van de budgetmerken ben (zodat ik meer kleurtjes kan aanschaffen) maar het ziet er zo goed uit.. dat ik nu wel zeker weet dat ik eens een lakje ga halen.

  8. I love essie polishes!


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