June 24, 2011

GOSH 549 Holographic ♥.♥

Because I didn't really post this week and I'm finally free from school (aaaaah summer at last!) I wanted to do something special... Something..holographic! Are you ready for lots and lots of pictures? Let's go!

both pictures in full sun!

in shadow, look at the crazy colour mixing!

in shadow, little blurry..

blurry pictures, in sun. look at all those little glitters!

ooffffffffffffffffffffffff <3


close-up. how can someone not love this?

blurry close-up. holo goodness ♥

Like I said, how can a person not love this? Look at all the colours, the perfectness (I'm not sure if that's even a word) of this polish?! Still not sure why GOSH discontinued this baby, I couldn't even get a back-up... I used the 565 fix base coat and 2 coats of 549 Holographic. Went on great, I know some people have trouble with the formula. I wish I had more of these linear holographics, like Nfu Oh.. Maybe one day, when I have enough money! 

What is your favourite nail polish finish?

x Elize


  1. This looks totaly unreal!!! BEautiful!

  2. I. Love. Gosh. Holographic!!! It's a damn shame it got discontinued. But I got my bottle before they were gone!!

  3. I know right? I know I'm lucky I got at least one, but I would looove to have a back-up!

    Thanks <3

  4. Oh my GOSH! It's a shame it got discontinued, at least I got a Nfu Oh 61 before also be discontinued x)
    Those silver holo are so gorgeous...

  5. Wow, die wil ik ook!
    Leeuke blog, ik volg je!

  6. oh my.. I love GOSH polish and this is beautiful! It's totally going on the wishlist, wow wow wow


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