November 16, 2011

Crushed Luxury

Hello lovely ladies, before I start talking about my nails, I would love for you all to take the time to vote for Lucy in the glossybox contest! Just click this link: and "Like" the picture on facebook :D Lucy, I really hope you win this contest, yours is BY FAR the best!

Now, on to my nails of the week! In the package I received from Lucy I found Color Club - Untamed Luxury, a green/tealish glitter. Then, on friday, my order from nailpolishfashion arrived! I ordered China Glaze - Crushed Candy (wich is kind of the crackle version of my favourite nailpolish ever, For Audrey!) and decided to combine these two. The result? Crushed Luxury...

normal light, no flash. PLEASE, don't look at my dry, ugly hands :o

I ♥ this! First I applied 1 layer of Untamed Luxury over my favourite black of all time, MAX black...

normal light, with flash.

artificial light, no flash. I made this picture to show you how the colour pretty much looks in just normal daylight!


Before I could apply Crushed Candy I had to apply 2 layers of topcoat to make this finish less gritty lol.. But, after that completely dried, I finally applied Crushed Candy :D

artificial light, no flash.

close-up of my middle finger, normal light and no flash. (such a high ISO, sorry about that..) 


Yes. I adore this. 

Do you like this layering combo?

x Elize


  1. That mani is amazing, I love it. Perfect colors.

    And yay kitty pics!

  2. Thank you very much Elize, I really appreciate your help and I really want to win! If I win, I will do 1500 follower and GlossyBox win giveaway and I will give away some of the OPI Muppets polishes I would win.

    So girls, please spare few seconds and Like this picture please! just 18 votes behind!!!

    Your nails and pictures are amazing by the way! I really like your blog and return regularly x

  3. I must admit started following your blog yesterday mainly because of the brilliant idea of a cat in every post ;) But your photos are really nice and this mani looks great so I'm glad I did! :)


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