November 24, 2011

My nail-related-birthday-wishlist!

Ok, so since my nails are (what I think) too short for pretty swatches right now I decided to post a little something else. Today I have my wishlist for you! If you don't like this stuff, you don't have to read it, but I always love wishlists, just to find out about new brands and products :D

Let's start with..polishes! The polishes I want VERY BADLY, are the Hungerglaze polishes from China Glaze. I"m a HUUUUGE fan of the Hungergames books, and the colours are so FRICKIN amazing, let me show you!


Did you know I'm actually going to find a job just so I can buy this entire collection? LOL..

Ok, on to the next polishes!

I would love to have Color Club - Revvvolution and Color Club - Wild At Heart. Since I tried out my first CC (Untamed Luxury) I want moreeee.. And of course, both holos :D

Next, 3 Nfu Ohs. I don't own any Nfu Oh polishes so far, but I love the bottledesign and I can't WAIT to try them!

Left to right: #52, #54 and #65

All blue, and all special. That's how I like my polishes :D

Next up, 3 random polishes, not all from the same brand. 

Left to right: OPI - Ski Teal We Drop, Golden Rose scale effect #06 and Herôme - Kingston

Let's continue with..stamping stuff!

Here are 3 KONAD-plates I'm dying to try:

Left to right: M56, M57 and M79.

And here are 3 Dashica-plates (you can order these on, go check it out!)

Left to right: #8, #17 and #16

Cute right? 

I also want some transparent nail wheels (I'll order those on eBay) and a doublesided stamp from KONAD. 
Ofcourse, I have a lot more on my wishlist, but these are just the things I'd like to buy for my birthday..
My birthday is so close :D I can't wait! On the 27th of december I'll finally turn 15, aaaaah. I'm going to give a big party with my friend Sophia and hope I'll get loads of money to buy all these goodies haha :D

Name the 3 polishes you want the most in the comments!

x Elize

PS. Should I keep the font this big, or make it small again?


  1. I lust for the Hunger Games nail polishes as well, I've already calculated how much it'll cost to buy them all lol

  2. @Shopping Addict: LOL, so did I.. And I even calculated how many hours I'll have to work for it, and I don't even have the job yet. Woops!

  3. I want the cinna-mon polish soooo badly!! I Must Have It!!

  4. Why haven't I even heard of that China Glaze collection? :O They look really pretty. I want to get some Nfu Ohs as well :)

  5. i really like flight to the finish and we could runaway but i'll borrow them from you :)


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