November 30, 2011

WARNING: Loads of kittypics ahead!

Since I saw a lot of people really love the kittypics in my posts, and I made a lot of kittypics lately, I decided to dedicate this post completely to my kitties! They're brother and sister, and they keep surprising me with everything they do, they're so different but actually exactly the same. Just look at these pictures!

For those of you who didn't know, this is Luna, the cutest and purrrettiest cat in the whole wide world ♥ Luna is actually my cat, and Simba is Sarah's, my sister.

So this is Simba, also a very cute kitty but he doesn't really love me haha. He only loves me when I give him food :(

sleepypics <3

Here's Luna, in a playfull mood haha...

This picture of Simba was taken today, look at that little bad-ass scratch on his nose. LOL.

Ok, so you're going to love the next ones. Yawning kitteeeeeehs!

lickypics haha!

Do you own any cats? Let me know their names! ♥

x Elize


  1. soooo freakin' cute!
    yeah i own 2 cats! brother and sister hihi
    a girl named chica, she´s the laziast thing in the world but I love her to death
    and the boy: boris, that's the sweetest cat I know, you can do everything with him, only you can't pick him up... but i forgive him, cuz he's so lovely. maybe i'm gonna take some pics of them and do a post, if you like?

  2. ik heb twee cuties van katten :)
    kazimir heb ik nu een jaar en sinds zaterdag heb ik er Ramon, een zwarte siamees bij :D
    Het is echt een schattig duo :)

  3. Both cats are super cute! I have two kitties, Penelope and Lillith <3

  4. Your baby Luna is exactly like my Maria Bonita ;)
    I have two gorgeous babies, Maria and Bianca, take a look:

    And this pic you get from yours, OMG so cute.. The Yawning, oinx x)
    Love this post, just purrrfect!

  5. The third photo of your sleepy Luna is wonderful, I mean they are all adorable but this one is the best ;)


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