February 9, 2012

Nail Colour Marionnaud - Stone Grey

My mom and sister got this nailpolish for me when they went to an international gymnastics competition in the Czech Republic (?) and it's from a brand named Marionnaud. I used two coats for this blue/purple/grey polish. It's a true blurpley. Hihi! Allright, let's look at the pictures :D
daylight, no flash.

normal light, with flash. 


I think the first picture is the most colour accurate, and most of the time this polish looks blue but when it gets a bit darker it turns into a dark grey with a purple undertone. I like it! It's quite neutral and it matches my clothes today haha :) Btw, do you remember the picture I showed you last post, with the fresh snow? Here's what it looks like now..

All those kittyfootsteps, wow! Haha our garden is very popular for all the cats in our neighbourhood. You know, just to hang out and stuff. Lol. I mean, they even walk across the trampoline? Weird kitties. 
I have some other news to share with you guys, I won a giveaway! DeltaCephei had her amazing DC's Dazzling Days again and I won a LUSH snowfairy lip tint. I'm very happy and I can't wait to get it and try it. Thanks Suzanne! Be sure to check out her blog on http://deltacephei.nl/ 
x Elize


  1. This is a very pretty colour :) And I love all the cat paw marks in the snow!!! Cats are the best :)

  2. Wauw, dat is een mooie kleur.


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