February 23, 2012

Essence - Better Late Than Never (+ Essence haul!)

Hey guys! Tomorrow I'm leaving (yep, again, sorry D:) to Switzerland to go skiing (I'm not sure if you say it that way but ok..) and I'll be gone for a week so no blogposts next week, sorry!
Tuesday I discocered my local Kruidvat had one part of the new Essence nailpolishes and today I'm going to show you Better Late Than Never, a bright coral red. I used two coats and 1 layer of topcoat :)
normal light, with flash.

in daylight, no flash. I had to adjust the contrast because it looked really orange on my pictures...


I love the shade of BLTN, reminds me of Catrice - MMACI (I might do a comparison one day!). Drying time was amazing, it only took like 5 minutes for each layer to dry and it dried smooth and pretty. 
Here are the other stuff I bought (and I think I'll buy even more soon haha)

Nude Glam - Hazelnut Cream Pie

Colour & Go - Rich & Pretty (not sure if this is new though, maybe it was re-released?)

left: a walk in the park & stop for an ice cream. right: midnight date & city that never sleeps.

How cute are those names? ADORABLE ♥ I'm looking forward to try the combo-polishes and ofcourse the other ones as well haha...

So, I will see you sunday next week and ofcourse I'll make loads of pictures as usual! 

x Elize


  1. stonden de duolakjes in het gewone essence rek of in het nailart rek ?
    En is 'city that never sleeps' een flakie ?


  2. Hoi! Ja, ze staan in het gewone essence rek en dat zijn zeker flakies :D

  3. wauwie kon ik maar zo goed lakken als jij!!! hihihihihi echt machtig mooi!!

  4. I need this one, since I love red nail polish! Have fun skiing :)

  5. pretty red! and all the others are nice too :)


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