February 1, 2012

Franken on a wednesday - the perfect nude

I think every girl needs her perfect nude nailpolish, and...I got it! Well, I had to mix some polishes together for it but it turned out great! I bought "Nude" from the Action (a store who I think all of my dutch readers know) but it was way too orange and sheer for me. I poured some nailpolish out of the bottle and added some Essence white stampy polish, loads of normal white polish, 3 drops of Catrice - Moulin Rouge Light and 1 drop of Superstar - Skinny Vanilla Latte. Tadaaa!

normal light, no flash.

daylight, no flash. most colour-accurate pic, I think...

outside, no flash. very cold though!


I think nudes are elegant and sophisticated, and I simply adore this one! It's still quite on the pink side, but it's less pink than Moulin Rouge Light. Drying time was awfull though, this is two coats and it took me soooo long to get this dry.

Anyway, can you guys help me think of a name for this little franken?

x Elize


  1. Wauw, jouw nagels en nagelriemen zijn gewoon PERFECT. En je nagels zijn ook nog eens perfect gelakt! :o

  2. I usually don't wear nudes, but I like the ones on the pink side. Although I'm neutral toned, I think yellow based ones make my hands look dead. Btw, you cut your nails? I like them more longer :))

  3. It looks really nice but I have a feeling that something similar is already in my stash and I have been neglecting it for too long

  4. De Essence express dry drops zijn een aanrader om het sneller te laten drogen :)

  5. Ah, ik hou zo van die kleur, nude is echt mooi.
    Mooie nagels heb jij, ik wou dat ik die had. (:

  6. i think you should call it 'sweet dreams'

  7. @Voodoo Blonde
    Yep, I actually had to unfortunately because of my job.. I have to make money to buy new nailpolishes and they break at work if they're any longer than this :(

    Die heb ik inderdaad ook thuis! Ik heb ze een hele lange tijd altijd gebruikt, maar ik heb het idee dat ik door dat spul de volgende dag mijn nagellak als een velletje eraf kan trekken, heb jij dat ook?

    I like that actually, thanks! :D


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