January 28, 2012

Color Club - Revvvolution

Ever since I first saw pictures of Revvvolution, I wanted to have it. And now I dooooo! I only had to apply 1 coat for it to be opaque and it applied like a dream :D It's such a pretty holo, I mean, just look at this:

sunlight, no flash.

more sunlight! no flash.

normal light, no flash.

gorgeous bottle pic in sunlight, bwaaaah ♥.♥


I think it's really purrretty, but after 1 day the tipwear is kinda bad, look at that kittypic. Oh well, it's pretty anyway! Ofcourse, in sunlight it looks absolutely amazing, but it's still a pretty polish in normal light, without the holo. So, do you guys own Revvvolution? What do you think?

x Elize


  1. what an awesome color! I wonder how it would look with white or pink crackle over it, bet it would be killer as a stamping base

  2. Very pretty! I love black holos!

  3. Wauw, so pretty! Echt een hele mooie kleur! Liefs!

  4. Hele mooie kleur!

    Zou je misschien een keer een artikel willen maken over je nagellak stash? (:

  5. Stunning color but on the first two photos it looks like there is no top coat but that is probably just the light, right?

  6. @MissDoll
    Actually, I never applied topcoat. So neither of the nails on these pictures have topcoat on them!

  7. @Julia
    Haha tuurlijk! Ik ga het ooit nog wel een keer doen, maar ik wacht eerst tot ik nog íets meer nagellakjes heb :D


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