January 10, 2012

RIP dear Simba ♥

This is not going to be a very happy post, and I'm actually writing this crying. We were called by the animal-ambulance today, and we got very bad new about Simba. They found him, next to a road near our house. At the age of only 3, he got hit by a car... Our fun and curious Simba. I can't stop crying, I'm sorry. I picked out some (a lot) of pictures, here they are:

little cutiepie Simba, wasn't he adorable? 

(bad quality, I know and I'm sorry, I just love this picture)

(this is also a very old and bad picture, I just want to show you how much he was loved.. allright I'm crying again.)

one of his crazy tongue-moments, he would have his tongue hanging out for like 15 minutes!

this was one of his playfull moods, where he would hold on to the bottom of the couch and slide trough the entire room, it cracked me up every single time...

one time he climbed all the way up in the hedge, crazy kitty.



playing with a chess-thingy, so cute..

making a funny face, blurry picture but I love it, it's so funny.

if Simba had his own polish, it would be this one. OPI - What's With The Cattitude?

Here are my 2 favourite pictures of him:

He was such an amazing cat. He had two kittyfriends, and they actually wait outside of our door every morning, to see if he's coming to play outside with them. He was playfull, crazy and always knew how to make us laugh. It's sad how he died and I hope he didn't have a lot of pain.

Simba, wherever you may be, we're going to miss you a lot. Rest in peace. ♥

x Elize


  1. Zo erg :((( ik ben ook aan het wenen... Veel sterkte meid!!

  2. So sorry about Simba -- such a beautiful cat! <:-(

  3. I'm so sad to hear this because I know you loved him so much and I'm also a big cat lover and just recently my little kitty passed away on the same way. I think cats go to heaven and they are waiting for us up there

  4. Awwwww, I'm so so so so sorry.
    I know how horrible it is to lose a cat under any circumstances and this is even worse.
    My thoughts are entirely with you now.

    If you need to talk to someone I'm here.

  5. I really sorry that Simba isn't with you anymore:( At least you know what happened without having to have to worry everyday, you know? I hope you feel better, love.

  6. I'm so sorry. It's horrible to lose a pet. :(

  7. I'm sorry. He was a beautiful cat.

  8. I'm really sorry for your loss :( I know how it feels to lose your pet and I don't want anyone to have to go through that.

  9. oh im sorry, last wee i saw two kitten die at my house they accidentally eat mouse poison.. oh it was painful to see two cute kitten die, and i still cant forgot it..

  10. Oh, wat vreselijk! Hij zag er inderdaad ontzettend lief uit! Ik hoop dat je je gauw wat beter voelt, maar veel sterkte de komende tijd! :(

  11. Naww wat vervelend voor je.
    Gecondoleerd :(

  12. Wat super vervelend! Ik weet hoe verschikkelijk het is om een huisdier te verliezen. Ik hoop dat je je snel weer beter voelt! Gelukkig heb je nog hele mooie foto's als aandenken..

  13. ik hou van katten. ik heb er zelf ook 3

  14. Omg, I cry reading this
    So sorry for you, I know how did you feel.
    My first kitty was with 2 months of age when she jump from the window when I wasn't in home. My'ne dogs kill her :(
    They will be happy in the cat's paradise, don't worry.

  15. I just started reading your blog and I like to go through archives and see what you've swatched. i came across this post and I just want to say that I'm sorry about Simba. I lost my orange boy in September after he got into some antifreeze and had to put him down. I know he's always there, watching over me. He sends me little signs to let me know he's there. =^_^=

    PS--love your kittypics on your swatches!!


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