January 20, 2012

Finally, a blogpost! Golden Rose Scale #11

Hi guys! I sent my computer to a computer-guy and he said he is not going to be able to fix it. Damnit. I have to buy a new one, because I can't live without my own computer, but I did find a way to get my pictures from my camera to my parents' computer, so here's a little blogpost!
I got my order from nailpolishfashion (wich I will show you after the nailpics) and I ordered 3 Golden Rose flakies, and first I tried number 11 over Herôme - Frankfurt. Here are some pics:
in the early afternoon, no flash.

in the only peek of sunlight we had last week haha.. 

close to the dawn, no flash. very, very bad picture, sorry!

just a little close-up to show you. #11 contains blue, green and purple flakies!


I really liked the manicure, but the drying time was awfull. I had to wait for at least two hours to get it completely dry :( But ofcourse, it's a very thick polish so I could've expected it haha. Very pretty!

So, as I promised, here are some pictures of my order from nailpolishfashion (remember my wishlist?) 

Golden Rose #06, #11 and #10

yay! Color Club - Wild At Heart & Revvvolution

Konad plates  M79, M57, M56 & a double sided stamp!

I absolutely LOVE everything I ordered, can't wait to try it all. You will be seeing blogposts of this stuff soon!  I hope I'll be able to get my own computer soon because I really don't like writing something from someone else's computer, don't really know why. Bye!

x Elize

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