January 4, 2012

Still no Simba :( + Cetuem - 194 (duochrome madness!)

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of posting.. We're still looking for Simba everywhere but he's nowhere to be found. You stupid cat, would you just come back already? 

Anyway, here is my NOTD, it's Cetuem - 194, wich I got from Lucy, and it's a duochrome beautyyyy! It's a blurple based duochrome, and it shifts to green and light brown in some angles. It took me two coats to make this opaque, that's not bad for a duochrome!

daylight, no flash.

daylight, no flash.

daylight, kinda sunny, no flash.

sunlight, no flash.

daylight, no flash. this is pretty much how it looks when you look at it straight from the front.

close-up to show you the duochrome, see the green and brown? pretty huh?!

kittypic, with flash. here you can see the blurple base I was talking about.

I think Luna is sad too, because of Simba. I really hope he's doing OK, and he's somewhere safe. Back to the polish, it smelled awfull. You know, nailpolish doesn't smell very nice, but this one smelled afwull. I can't even describe it, yuk! But it was definitely worth it. 
I have some other news to share with you as well! I finally got a job :D I'll be working at the supermarket Albert Heijn, just re-stocking the shelves (or something like that, we call it a 'vakkenvuller'). Anyway, I'm really excited! My first day will be this friday, and I'll probably tweet about it on my twitter. I really want to host a giveaway when I reach 200 or 250 followers, and that will might just be possible now! 

x Elize


  1. Ohw vervelend dat je kat nog steeds weg is..rot gevoel zeker om je zo zorgen te maken!
    En gefeliciteerd met je baan, heel veel succes en plezier vrijdag :D

  2. Pretty! I really hope your cat comes back soon!

  3. Hee, heb je de dierenambulance al gebeld? En is je kat gechipt? Want dan kunnen zij zo nagaan of ze hem misschien hebben opgehaald.


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