December 31, 2011

I'm back from London! + Simba is missing :(

Hey guys, I'm back! I wanted this to be a very happy post, but I simply can't because no one has seen Simba since wednesday. Now I know cats usually do those things, run off for a couple of days but it's so freaky now with all the firework.. I'm really scared something has happened to him, but I hope he'll be back very soon. If you live in Zoetermeer, please let us know if you see him anywhere :( 
Anyway, my trip was really amazing, here's a little summary.
The day we arrived, the 26th we went to friends for a big christmas lunch (with something they call "crackers", I had so much fun! We stayed there for the night and the next day it was my birthdaaaaaaaay :D We drove to our hotel (near Colliers Wood) and we took the underground to Victoria. When we walked out of the station...
BAM! Look how pretty and green :D 

But it wasn't showtime yet, so we went to Oxford street, to the primark. It was WAY too busy so we didn't buy a lot. Then we went back to the theatre to see Wicked ♥

It was so fantasticly AMAZING, I wish I could sing like Rachel Tucker and Gina Beck! We had the entire new 2012 cast, and omgnbdsjvkkdbvhvwjk ♥

The next day, wednesday, we went to Oxford Street (again) to shop for real. The primark was still quite busy but not as bad as the previous day.

A big red bus, yay!

After loads of shopping we had a drink at Starbucks, yummmm, and my lameness decided to make a picture.

After that, we walked towards Leicester square. The whole city was decorated so pretty, look at this!

On Leicester square we went to see a movie, New Year's Eve. I would recommend this to any one, the movie was great!

On thursday we went to central London and I made a picture of the Big Ben. He's quite hard to photograph actually...

On friday we went shopping in Blue Water before we left but I didn't buy anything there. Here's everything I did buy:

All the clothes are from primark, I bought a turquoise blouse, a red vest, a turquoise knitted sweater, a shirt with 2 birds on it, a beige sweater with an owl on it and a union jack (!) knitted sweater. I also bought a lot of jewellry, 4 rings and 2 necklaces. The little box in the left is my new lens wich I got for birthday (: The bag is from primark too, I love it. At the victoria apollo theatre, where we saw Wicked, I bought a programme book and a black Wicked-mug :D At the lush store I bought (ofcourse) Lemony Flutter, Tea Tree Water, Pow Wow! lipscrub and a Tea Tree Steamer Tab. he last thing I bought is a Union jack blackberry cover, wich I ADORE!

So, that's about it, if you see Simba anywhere please let me know...

Happy new year everyone!

x Elize


  1. Oh no. I hope that you find Simba, soon. Did your neighbour accidentally let him out? Hopefully, he will find his way home or a neighbour will recognize him and bring him back to you.

  2. Ik hoop dat je Simba snel zult vinden! Maar wat geweldig dat je naar Londen bent geweest! Ik heb Wicked ook gezien, in precies hetzelfde theater! Mooi is het hè? Wauw, ik vond het ook echt een prachtige show! Een heel gelukkig en gezond nieuw jaar! Liefs!

  3. You had a very nice trip and I really hope (from the bottom of my heart because I also have 4 cats and I would miss them as hell if any of them get lost) that you already found Simba and that he is ok

  4. poor little cat :( heb je hem al terug ?
    Londen in inderdaad fantastisch ! Ben er ook geweest met school maar helaas was er dan geen tijd om naar wicked te gaan :( wil dit al zo lang !


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