December 13, 2011

H&M - Hunt Me Down

Hi guys! Quick post today, I have two tests tommorow and I'm going to have to learn my butt off because I don't get it. I really don't. Aaargh!
Anyway, yesterday I really didn't know what to put on my nails so I just took this H&M camo green, Hunt Me Down. Here are some pictures!
getting pretty dark outside again, high ISO no flash.

inside, with flash.


So, I'm heading back in to my books again, sorry for the quick post but I'll post somethig bigger friday I think! 

x Elize


  1. wauw wat een mooie kleur! Zoiets moet ik ook, dus als ik hem zie ga ik hem maar even kopen! :D

  2. Great green! Love the kitty pic. :)

  3. Wow mooie kleur! Je nagels zijn echt mooi gelakt ook!
    Ik ga je volgen, wil je me terugvolgen?

  4. That green is so dreamy! I never get tired of shades like this. Good luck on your tests :)

  5. Ik heb dezelfde! Ik vind de nagellakjes van H&M best nog wel goed.-XO


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