February 4, 2012

KOH - Metallic Green

Another holo, yes yes! I borrowed this from cutie Charlotte a very very long time ago, and finally got a chance to wear it, yay :D This polish is so pretty, look at this:

sunlight, no flash.

close-up, in sunlight.

normal light, with flash.

in normal light, no flash. it still shows a little holo!


Pretty awesome right? The application was AWFULL though, I had to re-apply the polish on my middlefingernail 3 (!!!!!) times. Drying time was pretty annoying as well and it never dried smooth. I used 1 coat of GOSH - Fix Basecoat, 2 layers of Metallic Green and 1 thick coat of topcoat. So, it wasn't too much fun to apply this, but it's soooo prettyyyyyyyyy!

Some other news..it has been snowing like crazy here in Holland for the last two days! Here's a picture I took this morning:

x Elize


  1. Hoi elize, ik heb een vraagje: heb jij op gSm gezeten? Zoja: ik ben Mrs Kaat, karina, haha weet niet of je me nog kent? Jij (als jij het tenminste bent) was ook bevriend met sanne, liana en leanne


  2. Ik heb Platinum Silver van Koh, ook holografisch. HIj is echt prachtig maar het aanbrengen is echt aldjallajdfs


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