September 5, 2011

Claire's Coral Crackle

A big hello to everyone who's reading this! Today I'd like to show you the other nailpolish I bought in France, a bright-neon-coral-crackle. Let me tell you, it's bright! It might look a bit orange but in real it is a true neon-coral.

normal light, with flash.

normal light, no flash.


I love Luna's face in this kittypic, lol. I guess she doesn't really like the smell of fresh nailpolish. Sorry hun! 
First I applied 2 layers of Paris Memories - White and waited untill it was fully dried. After that I applied 2 thin layers of crackle (because it's very sheer) and sadly it messed up my base colour a little..  But it still looked awesome! 

Do you have any weird-coloured crackles? And what do you think of this one?

x Elize

1 comment:

  1. echt super leuk! ik heb er twee van essence maar gebruik ze eigenlijk niet zo heel erg veel.


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