June 13, 2012

NYC - Mint Macaroon

Hello! So..one day later than expected, but here it is, a nail-post :D About a week ago I bought 2 new polishes, and here is one of them: NYC - Mint Macaroon. It applied like a dream, and it was opaque in only 2 coats!
in shade, no flash.

outside, bright daylight, no flash.

with flash.


I tried to get Mila and Sem on a kittypic too but they were running around like crazy and it was impossible to get a picture of them haha.. Mint Macaroon is a very pretty mint green crème, and dried in no time. It looks kind of blue in some pictures, but it is actually really green! Well, light-mint-green. Yes, I've decided I like NYC polishes. I bought one more and I'll show you that one soon too! 

x Elize


  1. Wow.. hoe perfect zijn jouw nagels?! Mag ik vragen hoe jij je nagelriemen zo mooi krijgt?


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