June 18, 2012

It has started... + Kitty update #4

Yes...it has started again. One of the worst weeks of the year. Testweek. These are the final two weeks of school this year and that means I have to make a lot of tests to see if I'm capable to get to the next year! So that means I don't have a lot of time to do my nails and write a blogpost. But, I do have time to collect a few of the 100 (yes, I make hundreds) pictures of Mila and Sem. They are now officially 9 weeks old I believe and well, without further ado, here are the kittypics!
best picture of them together so far. nawwww!

"hug me!"

"he's behind me, isn't he?"


Sem always chases the shadow of my hand like it's a toy, haha!

feel the lovvvvve!

x Elize


  1. Vet! khad nog nooit je blog gezien! Bazenfoto's trouwens.

    x Je neef

  2. The "hug me" pic is adorable! All of them are! Good luck for your exams :)

  3. aaaahh zoo cute. Alles in mij smelt als ik deze foto's kijk haha.

  4. The 2nd and the last picture just melts my heart! Cutest little kittens ever :)

  5. HUG ME lolololol

  6. Those two fellas are just too cute for words

  7. I think your new kitties are super cute! I love kitties so much...I could look at pictures of them all day long. Then to see you have nail polish posts too makes your blog automatically awesome because that is my other obsession.

    Gland I found your blog and I look forward to more cute kitty posts and of course nail posts too. : )

  8. I love the kitties :) Found your blog through Nihrida. I've a blonde girl kitty too - Blonde kittens are the best! <3


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